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K-State Today

January 20, 2012

Campus audio conferencing service offers secure conference calls

By Computing and Telecommunications Services

Conference calls with colleagues, on or off campus, can be made at the university with the audio conferencing system.

The system is operated by computing and telecommunications services, or CTS, and is located in East Stadium.

For $10, a user can set up a conference call with on-campus or off-campus participants. An additional cost is applied if callers use the toll free number to connect instead of dialing the local number. The conference bridge has the capacity for 68 callers. Calls are secure and are made on the K-State campus.

"It's a great service that's available to the K-State community for a low cost," said Adalee Brenner, assistant director of CTS.

Making a call is easy, Brenner said. At the time of the scheduled call, each participant dials a telephone number and then enters a four-digit pin code followed by the # sign. Once completed, callers can begin communicating.

An option is also available to record calls. This option is used by some online classes to post recordings of the class content.

To schedule an audio conference, call 532-7000 or complete the online scheduling form at k-state.edu/cts/audio. A 24-hour advance notice is suggested.

More information for the audio conferencing system can be found at www.k-state.edu/cts/audio or by calling 532-7000.