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K-State Today

January 20, 2012

Abaxis partners with K-State College of Veterinary Medicine

By Andrew Zender

With a commitment of 5,000, Abaxis Inc., will provide funding for a clinical pathology resident at K-State.

In January 2011, the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine announced a partnership with Abaxis Inc., which resulted in the creation of Abaxis Veterinary Reference Laboratories, or AVRL, in Olathe, a full-service veterinary-reference laboratory offering a broad range of tests, some of which are performed at the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, or KSVDL. And now with a commitment of $105,000, Abaxis will provide funding for a clinical pathology resident.

"The university's relationship with Abaxis and the AVRL has been an important evolution that will broaden the reach of our college," said Ralph Richardson, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine. "Their investment in the college will help us to achieve our goal of being one of the top veterinary schools in the country."

According to Martin Mulroy, vice president of sales and marketing for North America Animal Health, Abaxis' support of the college is part of the company's commitment to strengthening relationships between industry and universities.

"Kansas State University is a key strategic partner of Abaxis and the newly formed Abaxis Veterinary Reference Laboratories," Mulroy said. "The Abaxis Clinical Pathology Resident Fund exemplifies Abaxis' commitment to the College of Veterinary Medicine and serves to further strengthen the business and academic synergies."

Gary Anderson, director of the KSVDL, said a key component of the the lab's mission is to connect with clients in ways that not only include test results, but also provide practical information and knowledge that may assist them in bringing value to their clients.

"Our goal is to assist them in growing their practices and businesses," Anderson said. "Additional personnel who are energetic, engaging and caring will add fuel to accomplish many of these objectives — and Abaxis' gift will allow us to grow our program and to meet future programmatic and work force needs."