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K-State in the news today

The top stories mentioning Kansas State University. Download an Excel file (xls) with all of the day's news stories. 

Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016

*8 Silent Ways That Horrible Job Is Hurting Your Health
10/17/16 Reader's Digest
Too much time on the job can cause people to pull back from the rest of their lives. “Young tech people who put in really long hours begin to turn into couch potatoes and want to be left alone.” says Christina Maslach, PhD, professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley. “It’s not just being irritable, it’s being no good for anybody because you’re overwhelmed and haven’t slept. People talk about their relationships breaking up and not eating or sleeping well.” Additionally, a 2013 study from Kansas State University found that “workaholism,” defined as working over 50 hours each week, “was associated with reduced mental well-being,” doctoral researcher Sarah Asebdo said in a release.

Proactivity in the workplace a 'double-edged sword'
10/20/16 Learning and Development Professional
Whether proactivity was perceived as being helpful or brazen hinged on the employees’ political skills. Andrew Wefald, associate professor at the Staley School of Leadership Studies in Kansas State University, defines political skill as the ability to build connections, foster trust, and influence other people.

Former Gov. Carlin, political experts predicting big changes in Kansas Legislature
10/19/16 LJ World
After that election, then-President Bill Clinton named him to head the National Archives, a post he held for 10 years until stepping down in 2005. He now teaches as a visiting professor and executive in residence at Kansas State University.


Kansas State University on TV

KSNT (NBC) Topeka, KS

Susan Nelson, veterinarian and clinical associate professor at Kansas State University shares signs of heat exhaustion in animals, and how to protect them when outside during the dog days of summer.


Iowa City, IA

Associate Professor of Computer Science, Eugene Vasserman, on best practices for a secure password. 

*Note: Asterisks indicate clips that resulted from recent news releases or pitches from Communications and Marketing.  

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