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K-State Today

January 20, 2012

Management professor to be published in corporate reputation journal

By Olivia Blanco

Diane Swanson, management professor and the von Waaden business administration professor, has had an article accepted for publication in the Corporate Reputation Review. The article, “Corporate Reputation as Stakeholder Satisfaction: Toward a New Measurement Technique for Corporate Social Performance,” was co-authored with Marc Orlitzky of Penn State Altoona.

“The paper proposes a groundbreaking statistical technique for measuring stakeholder satisfaction as a proxy for assessing corporate social performance as a firm’s reputation for social legitimacy,” Swanson says.

The new technique assesses if corporate conduct is seen as acceptable to various stakeholders. These observations are then applied to the whole using what is known as G-Theory in research methodology. This technique will make corporate social performance measurements more meaningful to scholarship and useful in practice.

Swanson is the chair of the Ethics Education Initiative in the college. She teaches business, government and society, business and professional ethics, and legal and social issues in management. Her areas of research include corporate social performance, corporate social responsibility, business ethics education, leadership and organizational behavior.

Swanson has been published in multiple journals including Academy of Management Review, Business & Society, Human Relations and the Oxford University Press Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility.