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Welcome from the President

Dear Fellow K-Staters, 

It my pleasure to serve as the President of the Kansas State University Social Club for the 2015-2016 year. In spite of the evolution over the 114 years, the Social Club’s primary purpose remains unchanged.

The Social Club provides its members with opportunities to interact with new people through its programs, special events and many special interest groups.

The interest groups are the life-blood of the Social Club. These small groups meet monthly to enjoy various activities such as tasting fine wines, preparing and enjoying gourmet meals or sharing hobbies and artistic talents. If you don’t find a group that piques your interest, we would welcome new ideas for a group. I would like to extend an invitation to all new and returning members to take part in at least one group!

If you are new to campus, the Kansas State Social Club provides an opportunity to meet members of the K-State family from across the University, as you adjust to your new home in Manhattan. Although my husband was a graduate of both Manhattan high and Kansas State University, we have enjoyed making new friends from across campus and even other countries. 

If you are a seasoned Wildcat, you know how special Kansas State is. Membership in Social Club will expand your connections across the university community.

I would like to encourage current members to renew their membership as well as extend a personal invitation to any eligible potential members. We are pleased to waive their first year’s membership fee for our new members. The board and I wish everyone a wonderful 2015-2016 year. I look forward to seeing you at our exciting upcoming events.

Go Cats!!

Karen Buyle
2015-2016 President
Kansas State University Social Club

Membership Eligibility and Dues

Membership in the Kansas State University Social Club is open to any of the following and/or their spouses: administrative officers, administrative assistants, faculty members of the rank of instructor or above, including visiting and regents professors and post-doctoral fellows, commissioned officers in the Military Science and Aerospace Departments, director and assistant directors of athletics, coaches and assistant coaches, government personnel with equivalent faculty rank working in conjunction with the university, and former faculty members in the above named categories.  Courtesy membership is extended to first-time members for one year and to housemothers and house parents. Anyone in the groups listed above may join Social Club by payment of dues of $15 per individual or $25 per couple per year.  In order for your name to appear in the yearbook, dues must be received no later than September 29. (If applicable, interest group fees are payable to the interest group chairperson.  Special event fees are payable at the time of the event.)  Please complete the Member Registration Form and return to the Treasurer of Kansas State University Social Club.

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