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Social Club

2016-2017 Board Members

General Richard Myers and Mary Jo Myers, Honorary Presidents


Louise Benjamin

Vice President

Cheryl Richt


Ketty Reppert


Anson Ho and Diana McElwain

Program Committee and Special Events

Mickey Chance-Reay (Chair)

Communications Committee

Curtis Matthews

Membership Committee

Perla Reyes (Co-Chair)
Susan Schoneweis (Co-Chair)

Hospitality Committee

To Be Determined (Chair)


Michaeline Chance-Reay

Information Technology

Gary Brase

Scholarship Committee

Karen Buyle


Curtis Matthews


Sandra Brase

Nominating Committee

Louise Benjamin
Cheryl Richt

Past President

Karen Buyle

The board welcomes new committee members.

If there is a committee you would like to join or an office you would like to assist or hold,
please call Louise Benjamin, Nominating Committee Chairperson, at 532.6900.