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Environmental Health and Safety


Environmental Health and Safety Training

In-person training is offered through Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) for:

You may sign up for these courses through HRIS Self Service.  

Hazard Communication training is required for anyone using chemicals in the course of their work and research activities.  Hazardous Waste Awareness training is required for anyone that handles or generates a hazardous waste.  These required courses must be taken in person unless otherwise arranged with EHS.  Additional related on-the-job training, specific to your work duties, must also be provided by your department and/or supervisor.  Contact EHS for guidance at 532-5856.

The self-paced training courses listed below are offered as supplemental resources.  To take the training presentations below, click on the link.  If your college or department requires you to take one or more of these, make sure to take the related quiz or fill out the verification form after completing the training.

The goal of providing these materials online is to reach a broader audience, improve safety practices, and comply with state and federal regulations.

For more information about training, contact Environmental Health and Safety at 532-5856 or safety@ksu.edu.