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Division of Facilities

Van Training

National Safety Council training will be conducted for all operators and/or potential operators of motor pool vans operated by K-State faculty, staff, and students. This training is mandatory for all operators as of November 1, 2001.

Questions? Call 532-1719
Online Registration.

Vivid Course Title: KSU - Van Operator/Motor Pool Training

Prerequisite:  None

Length of Session:  1 hour to 1.5 hours (Vivid Online)

Online Registration.

* State-owned or leased motor vehicles shall only be used for official state business and shall only be operated by a person who has a valid driver's license and who is:
1) an officer or employee of the state of Kansas; or
2) any other person who has been approved by the secretary or the secretary's designee to operate a state-owned or leased motor vehicle while engaged in official state business

Only employees of the state or a person or persons reasonably engaged in and accompanying a state employee or other person approved under subsection (a) on official state business shall be allowed to ride in a state-owned or leased motor vehicle.

Kansas State University has required Van Training for drivers of the 15 passenger vans since 2001.  While the University requires it only for the fifteen passenger vans, the Motor Pool requires it for any of the big vans, Including the big eight passenger, and the twelve passenger vans. 
For safety purposes, fifteen passenger vans going farther than a ten mile radius of Manhattan or Salina are limited to twelve passengers, including the driver.
For trips within the ten mile radius, fifteen passengers are allowed.