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Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety exists to support uninterrupted research and learning within a safe and healthy environment. Services include environmental compliance, occupational and research safety, radiation safety, hazardous materials management and response, and fire safety. 

New waste disposal requirements and updates

  1. We’ve changed our Hazardous Waste label (jpg).  The old labels are still acceptable until April 15, 2018 (tax day!).  On each Hazardous Waste label you must list all the chemicals in each container.  If you don’t have enough room on the label you can print out the content list on an additional sheet of paper or address-type label and put it on the hazardous waste label.  This is preferred as it will reduce illegible handwriting issues.   Don’t forget:  full chemical names must be used, no acronyms or abbreviations!   
  2. EHS has also updated its online Hazardous Waste pickup form.  We require more information about your hazardous waste, which is essential for our operations and everyone’s safety.  Currently the form is for one container of waste, but future updates will allow you add additional containers.  The form is still in the same location: the upper right corner of the EHS home page.  Check it out. 
  3. We now have a form for Laboratory Cleanouts (xls).  If you have 30 or more containers of hazardous waste to be picked up please use this form and not the Hazardous Waste pickup form.   Additional instructions are on the form.  If these chemicals are already in your chemical inventory in the EHS Assistant then you don’t need to fill out this form.  Just let us know which chemical(s) needs to be picked up or if ALL of them need to be picked up. Additional instructions are on the form.
  4. The Medical Waste pickup form has been updated as well.   Please note that EHS can no longer provide sharps containers.       

FAQs: What do I do with

FAQs: What do I do with...

Review our FAQs for questions on recyclable items and how environmental health and safety can assist in picking up materials.


EHS AssistantEnvironmental Health & Safety Assistant

This program is an online tool to assist K-State personnel in managing their hazardous chemical and radiological materials. Please refer to the EH&S Assistant Instructions (PDF) prior to using the program.  KSU laboratory chemical inventories must be maintained in this application.