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Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

From disposing unwanted chemicals to staying safe on campus, the Department of Environmental Health and Safety takes every precaution to keep K-State secure. We serve the K-State community through environmental monitoring, tracking and reporting, hazard analysis, safety training, incident investigation, emergency response and much more.

To Those Seeking Worker's Compensation

To apply for worker's compensation, please fill out the Accident Report Form.

Job Opening

To apply for the Industrial Hygienist position, click here.

Tornado and severe weatherSevere weather

When a tornado strikes, do you know what to do to be prepared? View the Emergency Guide.

FAQs: What do I do with

FAQs: What do I do with...

Review our FAQs for questions on recyclable items and how environmental health and safety can assist in picking up materials.

EHS AssistantEnvironmental Health & Safety Assistant

This program is an online tool to assist K-State personnel in managing their hazardous chemical, radiological, biological and medical waste. Please refer to the EH&S Assistant Instructions (PDF) prior to using the program.