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Maintain Schedule of Classes - Meetings tab

The Meetings tab summarizes class information from the Basic Data tab while providing details about the Facility ID (room used), the room Capacity, Pat (the class days of the week and meeting times), and the Start/End Date of the class.  On this tab you can:

  1. View or update each class Section.
  2. Update or change the room used for a class.
  3. Update or change the days or times for class meetings.
  4. Update or change the instructor(s) for the class. 

Note: The last week of the Regular Session is left open for most rooms so they can be scheduled appropriately for final exams.

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Procedure - Adding or Updating the Meeting Pattern

  1. Before navigating to the Meetings tab, follow the steps to Maintain Schedule of Classes - Basic Data.  Then click on Click Meetings Tab

  2. Click Click first to see the first class section (First) to see the first class section.  Alternatively, use the arrow buttons to find the class section you need to update.

  3. In the Meeting Pattern area, enter the Facility ID.

    Enter the Facility ID .

  4. Enter the Pat (Pattern) for the class.  Examples of this would be MWF, TU, or others.  For more definitions see below. 

     Enter the Meeting pattern 

    This should automatically enter checks in the corresponding days of the week to the right.

    Enter the meeting days if needed

  5. Enter the Mtg Start and Mtg End for the class.

    Enter the Meeting Start and Meeting End times

    Enter Mtg End only if you need to override the default end time.

  6. If days for the class are not standard, manually check the days of the week to match the pattern selected.

  7. Verify the Start/End Date for the room.  This date is one week shorter than the Start/End Date on the Basic Data tab for Regular session classes.  Otherwise it is the last day of the class for Non-Standard classes.

    Verify the start and end date for the room

    Note:  The last week of the Regular Session is left open for most rooms so they can be scheduled appropriately for final exams.

Meeting Pattern Region

Meeting Pattern Area

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Click here for Meeting Pattern Definitions

Field NameR/ODescription
Facility IDR

Abbreviation of the building and room number in which a class is to be given. Example: EH 125


 This is the capacity of the Facility Id (classroom) selected.  It will auto-populate based on the capacity in KSIS.  This number does not include the instructor

Important: be sure that the Requested Room Capacity and Enrollment Capacity entered on the Enrollment Cntrl tab are LESS THAN OR EQUAL to this number


The weekly meeting pattern of a given class. An example of a typical patterns is MWF (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). If the class meets during a non-standard meeting pattern, select the appropriate days individually.

Possible values are:  M   MW   MWF   MF

                              T    TU    TUS    TS

                              W   WF    U       US

                              F    S (Sat)   N (Sun)

Mtg StartR

Class Section meeting start time.

Example: 2:30 PM

Mtg EndR

Class Section meeting end time.

Example: 3:20 PM

  • Enter only if needed to override default Mtg End
  • System defaults Mtg End once you enter Mtg Start
  • Tuesday/Thursday meeting patterns default to 75 minutes
  • Saturday meeting patterns default to 170 minutes
  • All other meeting patterns default to standard 50 minutes

Important:  Mtg Start and Mtg End times should adhere to the K-State Standard Class Times Policy.

If you do not find a pattern, or need to change the Mtg Start/End times, your class may fall outside the parameters of the policy.  Check to be sure.


KSIS populates the check boxes based on the entry in the “Pat” field. If the desired pattern does not exist, then check the desired Days in this location.

Start/End DateR

These values default from the Basic Data tab. 

  • Regular Session (1):
    • Start Date = First day of term
    • End Date = Last day of class for the term

Important:  The End Date must be changed from the default date to one week less than the End Date on the Basic Data tab.  (excludes exams) 

  • Non-Standard Session:
    • Start Date = Date of actual First Class Meeting
    • End Date = Date of the actual Last Class Meeting

For more information go to the Class Scheduler Calendar.

Topic ID 


Free Format Topic 


Print Topic on Transcript 


Procedure - Adding or Updating the Instructors for Meeting Pattern

  1. In the Instructors for Meeting Pattern, Assignment Tab, enter the KSIS ID of the employee to assign to the class.  If necessary, click on the magnifying glass to search for the instructor by Last Name, First Name.

    Enter Instructor ID

  2. In the Instructor Role column, select the desired role.

    Select Instructor Role

  3. Check the Print box if the employee should be listed in the class schedule.

    Select Print to print instructor in class schedule

  4. In the Access column, select the desired level of access - Approve or Grade.

    Select level of instructor access

  5. If more than one Instructor needs to be assigned to a class, click the Click the Plus button button.

  6. If an Instructor needs to be removed from the class, click the Click the Minus button button.

  7. Click Save button to save any Instructor changes.

Instructors for Meeting Pattern Region

 Add or update instructors for Meeting Pattern

Click here for Updating Instructors Definitions

Field NameR/ODescription

Enter a KSIS unique system identifier. An instructor, graduate assistant, teaching assistant, or staff member may be entered.

Example: 000123456

If the desired instructor is not displayed check the Instructor/Advisor Table to verify they are assigned to the correct Academic Org.  For more information see Add Approved Courses to an Instructor.

Note:  An Instructor can be changed at any time within a class at any time.  This ability is not restricted by the Class Scheduler deadlines.  After Class Scheduling closes for a term, use the "Schedule Class Meetings" page to change instructors.

Important:  The accuracy of Instructor information is essential for grading and reporting purposes.

Instructor Role R

Possible values are:

  • Prim Instr
  • Sec Instr
  • TA
  • Staff

Important: Every class must have at least one instructor set to "Prim Instr".

Print O

Select for EACH instructor that needs to be displayed in the class schedule.

Example: Enter Check in box to include instructor in class schedule


Level of grading security access each instructor is granted.

  • Approve – allowed to enter grades and approve grade roster for end of class grades
  • Grade –  allowed to enter grades only

Important:  Every class must have at least one instructor set to "Approve"

Note: This item may be set to "Grade" for TAs or other employees who will enter grades in KSIS for a class.  Some Departments have support staff members listed as Sec Instr with Grade or Approve access with the "Print" option UNCHECKED.



Room Characteristics 


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