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Partnership with Afghanistan

Kansas State University is committed to internationalizing our campus and to being an important part of an increasingly global society. International opportunities are rapidly increasing throughout K-State and with partners around the world.

International at K-State

Kansas State University is committed to internationalizing our campus and to being an important part of an increasingly global society. At the center of these efforts is the Office of International Programs (OIP). In addition to the OIP, international opportunities are integrated and rapidly increasing throughout Kansas State's colleges, departments, and administration and with partners around the world. more

The OIP, since its inception in 1991, is playing an increasingly prominent role in the internationalization of faculty, departments and colleges, student programs, faculty/staff development, curriculum development, and area studies at Kansas State University. Colleges and departments have developed international studies, advocacy groups, programs, and other opportunities. These international endeavors integrate international study, research, and development experiences into the academic experiences of K-State students and faculty both locally and internationally. They also create opportunities for international students and faculty to participate in the K-State experience.

Working together, we are focused on continuing to develop a unified international presence that clearly identifies Kansas State as a global campus. Towards this end, the OIP is working with colleges and administration to continue to build a website that reflects this development.

Academic studies and presence

Architecture, Planning and Design
Arts and Sciences
Business Administration
Division of Continuing Education
Human Ecology
Technology and Aviation (PDF)
Veterinary Medicine
Graduate School
American Ethnic Studies
Certificate in International Business
Latin American Studies
Political Science
Secondary major in International Studies

OIP international offices

Office of International Programs
International Pre-Admissions
International Student and Scholar Services
Study Abroad
English Language Program
Program support: Exchange students and coordinators
Peace Corps at K-State

Service and development

Leadership Studies
Partnership with Afghanistan
Partnership with Paraguay
International Grains Institute

Outreach and funding

Research and Extension
Exploring our world
Kansas State Foundation
Friends of International Programs
International Genome Research on Wheat (IGROW)
International Coordinating Council
International outlook
Fellowships and scholarships
Vernon Larson Lecture Series
Freshman Seminar Program
Center for Hazardous Substance Research
K-State China
K-State India

International events