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International Buddies

International Buddies

International Student Center
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506


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International Buddies - Friendship Without Borders - Together We Are Promoting Intercultural Learning

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The International Buddies Program pairs local K-State students, staff, and community members with international students, scholars and family members. Once paired, Buddies meet regularly to learn about each others' cultures, customs, and explore Manhattan & K-State.
Domestic students/local community members SIGN UP HERE
International students SIGN UP HERE
 All students are welcome to attend International Buddies events, even if you do not sign up for a buddy.   
The International Buddies Program is a one semester commitment during which you are asked to meet with your buddies one hour a week, twice a month. or as often as you and your buddies prefer.
Benefits Things to do
  • Meet a new friend in Manhattan
  • Attend International Buddies events
  • Learn about your Buddy's country, culture and language
  • Go for coffee
  • Improve your language skills
  • Work out or exercise
  • Add a cross-cultural component to your K-State experience
  • Go to sporting events
  • Build your resume
  • Study
  • Explore Manhattan!
(Even the locals haven't seen it all)
  • Try local restaurants




Upcoming Events

International Buddies Welcome Party at 6pm on January 18th in ISC

Sign up to have a buddy for Spring 2019 semester if you are an international student HERE or if you are a domestic student, sign up HERE. The deadline for signing up is February 3rd.

Meet and Greet your buddies at 7:30pm on February 12th at Ice Skating Ring, 314 Central Park Road