Khanh Hoa Tran Ba Honored Twice


Khanh Hoa Tran Ba, 3rd year Ph.D. student jointly supervised by Professors Takashi Ito and Dan Higgins, has been selected to receive the Chemistry Department’s 2012 Fateley-Hammaker Collaboration in Research Award.

This award was established in 2010 through generous lead contributions from Dr. Charles Chaffin and Dr. Timothy Marshall, who were students in the research group led by Professor Bob Hammaker and the late Professor Bill Fateley. Charles and Tim subsequently founded a successful company, AeroSurvey, Inc., applying many of the concepts that they learned during their graduate work at Kansas State.

Because their careers benefitted greatly from the collaborative nature of the Fateley-Hammaker group, Drs. Chaffin and Marshall wished to recognize graduate students involved in collaborative activities and to encourage others to take advantage of such opportunities.

Hoa was also announced as the recipient of the 2012-13 Clifton E. Meloan Analytical Graduate Student Scholarship. The Meloan scholarship was established by Clif’s students, colleagues, friends and family members to honor his many years of outstanding contributions in research, instruction and service. It recognizes excellence in analytical graduate research.

Well done, Hoa!