Adam Kell receives European Union Fellowship



Adam Kell, second year Ph.D. student in Prof. Ryszard Jankowiak’s group, has been awarded a fellowship funded by the European Social Fund’s Doctoral Studies and Internationalization Program, DORA. He will travel to Estonia to conduct research at the University of Tartu under the supervision of Prof. Jörg Pieper. The DORA program is highly competitive and was established in order to foster research collaborations between outstanding researchers from foreign universities and their counterparts in Estonia. Adam will spend the month of September investigating the water-soluble chlorophyll binding protein (WSCP) from cauliflower; unlike most chlorophyll-binding proteins, WSCP is unusually stable to heat and other types of stress. Adam’s project is related to the Jankowiak group’s long-standing interest in natural and artificial photosynthesis. Congratulations, Adam!