Department Head's Manual
(For Faculty and Unclassified Professionals)

Table of Contents

University Organizational Chart
Academic Unit/Department Name Change Process
Master Calendar
Recruitment and Selection Procedures

Recruitment and Selection Procedures for Unclassified Positions
Estimated Availability of Minorities and Women (see p. 230 of AA Plan)
Affirmative Action Recruitment Forms

Promotion/Tenure Decisions
Calendar of Events
University Handbook Section C70-C162.5 on Tenure
University Handbook Section C120-C156.2 on Promotion in Rank
Guidelines for the Organization and Format of Tenure and Promotion Documentation
Promotion and Tenure Transmittal Form ( .doc | .pdf)
Electronic P&T Process Draft (.doc | .pdf)
Student Ratings

Notification to Faculty
University Handbook Section C34.1-C34.5 on Student Ratings
TEVAL Evaluation Information 
TEVAL Evaluation Sample Forms 
IDEA Survey Information 
IDEA Survey Samples Forms

Annual Performance Evaluations

Calendar of Events
University Handbook Section C30.1-C38 on General Issues of Faculty Evaluations
University Handbook Section C40-C48.3 on Annual Merit Salary Evaluations
University Handbook Section B123-125
Faculty Evaluation Recommendations Kansas Board of Regents (12/94)
Documentation Required for Annual Evaluations
Board of Regents Report on Faculty Evaluation and Development

Service Codes

Professorial Performance Award

Calendar of Events
University Handbook Section C49.1-C49.14

Annual Merit Salary Increases, Market, and Equity Adjustments

Calendar of Events
University Handbook Section C40-C48.3 on Annual Merit Salary Evaluations
Format for Submitting Recommended Merit Increases, Market and Equity adjustments
Promotion Increment Award Determination

Faculty and Unclassified Contracts
Calendar of Events
Modified Instructional Duties (MID) for Faculty
University Handbook Policy Sections D90-D90.7
Request for Modified Instructional Duties
Modified Instructional Duties Application Checklist
Departmental Procedural Documents (Criteria and Standards for Promotion, Tenure, Mid-Tenure Review, Reappointment, Annual Evaluation, Chronic Low Achievement, and Professorial Performance Awards)
Check Sheet for Review of Departmental Documents (.pdf)
University Handbook Policy Sections C31.1-C31.8
University Handbook Policy Sections C49.1-C49.14
Conflict of Interest
Calendar of Events
K-State Policy on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Time Commitment
Conflict of Interest Website
Declaration for Conflict of Interest and Time Commitment Form
Consulting Request Form
These forms can be accessed through HRIS Employee Self-Service at: (Path:Employee Self Service > Personal Information > Conflict of Interest).
Dispute Resolution
Available K-State Resources
Assistance from Ombudspersons
Mediation Assistance
Administrative Appeal and Grievance Policy and Hearing Procedures
Kansas State University Human Systems Consulting
Notice of Non-Reappointment (for regular or probationary faculty/staff appointments)
Calendar of Events
University Handbook, Appendix A on Notice of Non-reappointment
University Handbook Section C170.1-C172 on Continued Employment for Administrative Employees
Sabbatical Leaves, Emeritus Status, and Phased Retirement

Calendar of Events
University Handbook Section E1-E8 on Sabbatical Leaves
Application and Guidelines for Sabbatical Leaves
University Handbook Section D70-D71 on Retirement Privileges (Emeritus Status)
Voluntary Phased Retirement Information Sheet
Phased Retirement Transmittal Form (.doc  | .pdf)

Dual Career Development
Intellectual Property

K-State Intellectual Property Policy (University Handbook Appendix R)
Existing University Handbook Policy - Section G80
Kansas Board of Regents Policy

Course Scheduling