At Kansas State University, student evaluations of courses are important. By gathering evidence of teaching effectiveness, departments and deans are able to make informed and objective decisions about retention, promotion, tenure and pay increases. The most important benefit of student evaluations is the feedback the evaluations provide directly to instructors, so they can refine their courses and teaching practices to provide students with better learning experiences. Student evaluations play a positive role in improving the climate of teaching and learning at Kansas State University. All evaluation reports are confidential and considered the property of the faculty member. Faculty Handbook policies regarding student ratings of classroom instruction. The evaluation system used at Kansas State University is the TEVAL System.

Effective Spring 2020, the TEVAL System only supports an online version. TEVAL dates for the Spring 2024 semester are:

  • Create Dates: December 28, 2023-May 10, 2024
  • Offer Dates: December 30, 2023-May 13, 2024
  • Reports made available: May 15, 2024

Creating Your TEVALs

Permissions required to create Online TEVAL

To create an Online TEVAL, you must be a teacher or teaching assistant of the course and/or section on Canvas, and you must create your own TEVAL. Contact the IT Service Desk for assistance with Canvas.

TEVAL Questions

TEVAL has standard questions for all evaluations that cannot be changed or removed from the evaluation: Core Questions and Distance Core Questions. In addition to these Core Questions, you have the option of creating additional questions in three formats—scale questions, multiple choice, and short answer.

Some departments have also created department templates, which is an established set of questions that can be easily selected by each faculty member when creating the online TEVAL for a particular class.

Faculty members are fully responsible for creating their Online Tevals.

You can sign in to Online Teval directly with your eID and password. You will need to authorize the Online Teval app the first time you go to Online Teval. You can also access Online Teval from your K-State Online powered by Canvas profile or any K-State Online course after you add the Teval app.

TEVAL Reports

TEVAL reports are made available to the faculty members by the Teaching & Learning Center after the semester deadline for the submission of grades. To access the report, sign in to the TEVAL System. The report will contain students’ comments. The report can be saved electronically.

If you would like early access to your TEVAL report for short courses, you can contact the Teaching & Learning Center at 785-532-7828. If your grades for the course have been submitted and approved, you will be given access to your report(s).

Additional Resources

To learn more about TEVAL system, click the links below:

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For assistance with Online TEVAL, you can use the self-paced, online tutorial.

For more information on student evaluations, Ag Economics faculty members won an award for their research on evaluating teaching effectiveness.

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