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K-State Today Student Edition

September 27, 2021

Study Abroad — Protected Area Management in Costa Rica

Submitted by Ryan Sharp

Study Abroad — Protected Area Management in Costa Rica will take place spring/summer 2022.

This course is designed to provide the student with an international context for understanding the role parks and protected areas play in conserving natural resources, contributing to sustainable livelihoods through eco-tourism benefits, maintaining sustainable plant and animal populations, promoting ecosystem health and providing recreation opportunities.

The purpose of this course is to provide students with hands‐on exposure to natural resources and outdoor recreation management that may be unique to the North American model, and that are facing complex challenges in an international setting. It is designed to increase students' understanding and appreciation of outdoor recreation resources, the agencies managing those resources, the management strategies used and the factors affecting management, including issues related to the nearby "gateway communities" and the particular protected area's broader environment.

The course format is one which focuses on problem solving, encourages a high level of interaction among participating students, faculty and managers, and gives participants an opportunity to connect with nature in a new culture and context.

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