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March 25, 2019

2019 Faculty and Professional Staff Retiree Ceremony

Submitted by Faculty Senate

The Kansas State University Faculty Senate invites you to attend the 2019 Faculty and Professional Staff Retiree Ceremony at 4 p.m. Tuesday, April 16, at the K-State Alumni Center. This is a time to recognize, honor and celebrate those faculty and professional staff who have contributed to the success of Kansas State University during their careers.

The following individuals are on the program this year:

Agriculture and K-State Research and Extension 

  • Richard Baker, communications and agricultural education. 
  • Art Barnaby, agricultural economics.
  • Ted Cable, horticulture and natural resources.
  • Teri Davis, dean's office. 
  • Jon Faubion, grain science and industry.
  • Patricia Gerhardt-Schmuck, River Valley District. 
  • Bob Holcombe, communications and agricultural education.
  • Gloria Holcombe, communications and agricultural education.
  • Keith Martin, Wildcat District. 
  • Thomas Maxwell, Central Kansas District. 
  • Kevin McCluskey, plant pathology.
  • Wayne Moore, Northwest Region Extension Center.
  • Howard Jay O'Neil III, grain science and industry.
  • Gary Pierzynski, agronomy. 
  • Donna Preisner, Pawnee County. 
  • Bill Reid, horticulture, forestry, and recreation resources.
  • Jerry Remsbecker, dean's office.
  • Sid Stevenson, horticulture, forestry, and recreation resources.
  • Stacey Warner, extension operations.
  • Lea Westervelt, horticulture, forestry, and recreation resources.
  • Jeffery Williams, agricultural economics.

Architecture, Planning & Design

  • Lorn Clement, landscape architecture and regional & community planning.
  • Lynn Ewanow, dean's office. 
  • Peter Magyar, architecture.
  • David Sachs, architecture.
  • Rod Troyer, interior architecture and product design.
  • Chip Winslow III, landscape architecture and regional & community planning. 

Arts and Sciences

  • Bill Adams, journalism and mass communications.
  • Michael Babcock, economics.
  • John Briggs, biology.
  • Clive Fullagar, psychological sciences.
  • James Hamilton, philosophy.
  • John Harrington, geography.
  • David Hartnett, biology.
  • Brad Logan, Sociology, anthropology, and social work.
  • Donald Wilson, philosophy. 
  • Larry Weaver, physics. 
  • Vern Wirka, journalism and mass communications. 
  • Spencer Wood, sociology, anthropology, and social work.

Business Administration

  • Russell Jay Holt, dean's office. 
  • Richard Ott, accounting. 
  • Peter Mudrack, accounting. 
  • Donita Whitney-Bammerlin, management. 


  • Diane Matteson, dean's office.
  • Marsha Miller, dean's office.
  • Laura Tietjen, curriculum and instruction. 
  • Sally Yahnke, curriculum and instruction. 


  • Barbara Goode, engineering extension. 
  • Danny Rogers, biological and agricultural engineering.
  • David Steward, civil engineering. 

General administration

  • Daralyn Gordon Arata, Office of Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies. 
  • Nancy Baker, Office of Planning and Analysis.
  • Craig Beardsley, National Agriculture Biosecurity Center.
  • Michelle Broccolo, Office of the President.
  • Pat Bosco, Office of Vice President for Student Life. 
  • Kenneth Burton, National Agricultural Biosecurity Center. 
  • Ginger Cook, K-State Global Campus. 
  • Anita Cortez, Office of Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry.
  • Rich Doan, Pre-Award Services. 
  • Alma Deutsch, Human Capital Services. 
  • Kimberly Dierks, Educational and Personal Development.
  • David Dunn, Information Technology Assistance Center.
  • Betsy Edwards, Information Technology Assistance Center. 
  • Mark George, Campus Planning and Project Management.
  • Dale Hawkinson, Educational and Personal Development.
  • Lance Luftman, Biosecurity Research Institute.
  • Monty Nielsen, Office of the Registrar. 
  • Sara Opperud, Office of Vice President for Student Life.
  • John Pence, Housing and Dining Services. 
  • William Smriga, K-State Student Union. 
  • Mark Taussig, campus planning and project management. 

Human Ecology

  • Connie Detweiler, extension nutrition program.
  • Carol Fink, family studies and human services. 
  • Charles Griffin, family studies and human services.
  • Charlotte Olsen, family studies and human services. 
  • Karen Pence, dean's office.

K-State Athletics

  • Marion Latimore, assistant coach, football.

K-State Libraries

  • Roberta Johnson, financial services and facilities. 
  • Alice Trussell, academic services. 
  • Jane Schillie, special collections. 

K-State Olathe

  • Ralph Richardson, dean's office. 

K-State Polytechnic, technology and aviation

  • Tom Mertz, School of Integrated Studies.
  • Scott Nichols, School of Integrated Studies.

Veterinary Medicine

  • Carol Elmore, veterinary medicine library.
  • Greg Grauer, clinical sciences.
  • James Lillich, anatomy and physiology. 
  • Marvin Miller, dean's office.
  • Mary Sue Moore, dean's office.
  • Philine Wangemann, anatomy and physiology.