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March 25, 2019

Big 12 Faculty Fellowship Program now accepting applications

Submitted by Brian Niehoff

Please bring to the attention of your faculty the opportunity to apply for a Big 12 Faculty Fellowship Award for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Two categories of this award are available for application by faculty members: a regular fellowship award and a mentoring fellowship award. Both fellowships provide up to $2,500 for expenses related to a visit by a faculty member to another Big 12 institution. Detailed information about the applications for this award are available on the provost's website. The deadline for submission of the applications to the provost's office is May 3, and should be submitted electronically in PDF format to provounivawards@k-state.edu. Notification will be provided to faculty by June 14. These awards are an excellent opportunity for all faculty to increase their network of collaborators and use resources available at other institutions. For those faculty who are in disciplines without numerous funding opportunities, these awards could be particularly useful.

Please note that a letter of invitation from the host institution must accompany the application, so faculty should not delay in contacting appropriate individuals at other institutions. If a faculty member is not acquainted with possible collaborators in his or her discipline at other Big 12 schools, we ask that you assist them in identifying and contacting the necessary individuals. The provost's office also may be used as a resource in providing names of individuals to contact.

A list of the faculty who have participated in this program since it began in spring 1997 is available on the provost's website. Each individual's name, department, a short description of the project and the Big 12 university visited are included. This may give your faculty an idea of the variety of projects which have been funded.

Please contact me at niehoff@k-state.edu if you have any questions. Your assistance in encouraging faculty to take advantage of this opportunity is very important. Thanks for your help.


Brian Niehoff
Associate provost for institutional effectiveness