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October 13, 2014

Have lots of advisees? Try new groups, filters in iSIS

Submitted by Diana Blake and Fred Darkow

If you are an advisor with many advisees? If so, be sure to check out the groups and filters functions in the new KSU Advisor Center in iSIS. Groups and filters make it easy to subdivide a long list of advisees into smaller groups for tracking, sending emails, running DARS and academic history reports, and more.

Groups are static lists of advisees that can be used as watch lists. Once created, group members stay the same unless modified or deleted by the advisor.

Filters are dynamic lists of advisees that are created from one or more predefined criteria such as GPA, program, plan and many others. Only those advisees who meet the filter criteria will appear in the filter results because an advisee's information can change over time. Filter results also can be saved as a group, which is a static list.

See these iSIS help pages for simple step-by-step instructions: