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April 3, 2024

Powercat Financial announces new additions to its student staff to broaden impact on students’ financial well-being

Submitted by Shelley Griffin

Powercat Financial at Kansas State University recently selected 15 new peer financial counselors to continue expanding its support of students' financial well-being.

Peer financial counselors assist students with their financial questions and education financial planning decisions, as well as provide free financial workshops and interactive events for students. This is a unique on-campus paid internship opportunity for students studying in financial-related programs such as personal financial planning, business finance and accounting, agribusiness and economics.

The following students will serve as new peer financial counselors:

Holt Williams, junior in accounting, Augusta; Alivia Kaiser, sophomore in personal financial planning, Cherryvale; Tarra Worthing, junior in finance, Fort Scott; Jack Johnson, sophomore in finance, Hays; Katelyn Hines, sophomore in personal financial planning, Holton; Andrew Schwinn, junior in economics, Lansing; Cole Useldinger, sophomore in personal financial planning, and Avery Williams, junior in accounting, both from Olathe; Holly Tilden, master's student in personal financial planning, Prairie Village; Lily MacDonald, freshman in personal financial planning, and Leah Meek, sophomore in personal financial planning, both from Topeka; Gage Burdiek, senior in finance, Valley Falls; and Dione Ramos, junior in personal financial planning, Wichita.

From out of state: Shayna Vlock, junior in personal financial planning, Omaha, Nebraska; and Micah Graney, junior in personal financial planning, Colcord, Oklahoma.

In addition, new graduate assistants for 2024-2025 will be Ashley Eckels, master's student in couple and family therapy, St. Paul, Minnesota, and K.B. Hennes, master's student in business administration, Wichita.

Several volunteer students have also joined Powercat Financial Financial Well-being Ambassadors to support the mission of increasing students' financial capability. The students support their community members in healthy financial habits and provide service to the community such as their upcoming visit to Manhattan High School to work with Consumer Math students to offer a real-life simulation of the cost-of-living after they graduate. Students are always welcome to apply to be a Financial Well-being Ambassador.

Learn more about the free financial services and resources provided to students by Powercat Financial, which is a part of K-State's Financial Futures initiative. For more information, contact Powercat Financial at powercatfinancial@k-state.edu.

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