Student Involvement Opportunities

Join Powercat Financial through our student involvement opportunities. Paid and volunteer positions are available.

Peer Financial Counselors (paid position):

Students studying to be a financial professional (personal financial planning, business, finance, accounting, economics, agricultural economics) or helping professional (social work, couple & family therapy, family consumer science education) may apply to become a Peer Financial Counselor. Selected students will be hired to complete extensive training, and then work 6-10 hours per week providing individual counseling, financial workshop and financial well-being programming for students. Students applying should demonstrate an interest in increasing the financial well-being of students by sharing knowledge learned through training and course work. This is a position that comes with commitment and responsibility as well as great rewards for counselors along the way. Professionals often comment how beneficial an experience such as being a peer counselor would have been prior to entering the profession, and would be for a potential hire in the financial services, financial planning or counseling field.

Applications for peer financial counselors have closed as of 5pm Feb. 16, 2024. Check back here for future application periods or apply below to volunteer as a Financial Well-being Ambassador in the meantime.

Financial Well-being Ambassador (volunteer):

Any student may apply to serve as a Financial Well-being Ambassador. The purpose will be to equip students with the knowledge and skills to serve as liaisons and support systems for their peers in the area of financial well-being. These ambassadors will volunteer as an empathetic resource, providing guidance, information, and assistance to individuals in need of financial help and be able to direct a student’s concerns to Powercat Financial. Ambassadors will help educate students on making healthy financial decisions throughout their college career and after graduation by connecting with students to increase financial well-being and literacy in close conjunction with the services of Powercat Financial.

The FWB Ambassadors meet monthly during the fall and spring semesters and also host interactive financial events and market the services of Powercat Financial. The FWB Ambassadors are a K-State registered student organization.

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