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Student Involvement Opportunities

Applications for the below opportunities are posted here online. 

Peer Financial Counselors (paid position): 

Students studying to be a financial professional (personal financial planning, business, finance, accounting, economics, agricultural economics) or helping professional (social work, couple & family therapy, family consumer science education) may apply to become a Peer Financial Counselor. Selected students will be hired to complete extensive training, and then work 6-10 hours per week providing individual counseling, financial workshop and financial well-being programming for students. Students applying should demonstrate an interest in increasing the financial well-being of students by sharing knowledge learned through training and course work. This is a position that comes with commitment and responsibility as well as great rewards for counselors along the way. Professionals often comment how beneficial an experience such as being a peer counselor would have been prior to entering the profession, and would be for a potential hire in the financial services, financial planning or counseling field.

Student Advisory Board Volunteer: APPLY HERE NOW

Any student may apply to serve as a volunteer member of our Student Advisory Board. SAB members gain an insider perspective on the missions of Powercat Financial, and are directly involved in the growth of the center and working towards the goal of increasing financial literacy at Kansas State University. Their combined efforts will shape the center for long-term success. There are a variety of Board positions and involvement available for those not solely focused on financial services, but with interest in gaining experience in other areas such as event planning, advertising, marketing, public speaking, and technology development. The Student Advisory Board meets semi-monthly during the fall and spring semesters and hosts interactive financial events and markets the services of Powercat Financial. PF SAB is a K-State registered student organization.

Residential Financial Specialists Volunteer: APPLY HERE NOW

Are you a student living on campus in a dorm, scholarship house or honors house looking to get involved? Apply to volunteer as a Residential Financial Specialist for Powercat Financial. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. We are looking for one RFS to serve per floor of each dorm. In the event that you are not chosen for this leadership role, we will keep your application on file and may contact you if a spot opens up. As a RFS volunteer you will promote financial well-being in your living area by connecting your community members to our helpful financial resources and sharing financial events/programs. You will learn valuable personal finance skills and gain immediate leadership experience!

Powercat Financial Residential Specialists will be asked to:

  • Attend an hour-long RFS orientation session (meal provided)
  • Attend at least 1 PF financial event per semester
  • Post RFS sign on door identifying you as a Residential Financial Specialist
  • Follow PF’s social media accounts and share posts (FB, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Participate in a financial session with Powercat Financial

2021-2022 Peer Counselors

21-22 Peer counselors


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