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Peer Financial Counselors - Meritrust Credit Union Scholars

A former peer financial counselor shares the value of the peer counselor experience:

"As I reflect back on my time on campus, Powercat Financial has been the most beneficial organization I was a part of. Now that I’m looking to buy a house, insurance, and all that comes with “adulting”, being a counselor is still paying dividends, and I’m sure will never stop doing so! The amount I learned, not only about financial information but how to communicate with others and understand their needs, is unmatched by any other experience I had on campus. I’m very fortunate to have been a small part of such an amazing program."

My name is Anabelle Sanko and I am a senior from Holdrege, NE, studying Personal Financial Planning and Finance. I save quite a bit of money by buying off brand. Most items taste or work exactly the same.

My name is Cameron Jones, and I am majoring in Sales with a minor in Personal Financial Planning. I am passionate about helping student find creative ways to save money and feel confident about their finances. I love to travel, and find great deals to try and make more expensive items affordable.

 Cal Shimkus
My name is Cal Shimkus and I am from Oxford, KS. I am majoring in Personal Financial Planning with minors in Leadership and Business. I save money by cooking almost all of my meals at home. Grocery shop after eating a meal so you don’t impulse buy unnecessary things.




 Laura Peterson
My name is Laura Peterson and I am a senior in Personal Financial Planning with a minor in Agricultural Economics. My favorite way to save money would be to cook at home. To save time cooking and grocery shopping, I like to make one or two dishes to eat throughout the week.

Alex Miller
My name is Alex Miller, I am majoring in Personal Financial Planning with a certificate in investment management. I save money by taking advantage of student discounts whether it is shopping online or local businesses in Manhattan. Most major companies have some sort of student discount including Amazon, Spotify, Apple, Nike etc.

 Kolby Stein
My name is Kolby Stein, and I am a Junior from Spearville, KS. I am majoring in Finance and minoring in Personal Financial Planning. I love to work out and eat healthy, this also correlates to keeping your finances in check. Meal planning is a great way to save money and to eat healthy!

Eli McDonald

I'm Eli McDonald from Overland Park, KS. I am currently pursuing my masters degree in Couples & Family Therapy. I am passionate about helping people reduce stress in their lives. Having a good understanding of one’s finances is a great way to reduce this stress. I reduce stress and save money by using a prepaid debit card for each month.

My name is Abram Mugler from Manhattan. I am a junior studying finance and accounting. Have your budget accessible with your phone so that you can look at it before making a purchase.

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The Meritrust Credit Union Scholars program engages students in a premier service-learning opportunity as a peer financial counselor supporting their success as future finanical professionals. Meritrust Credit Union Scholars participate in professional development and enrichment opportunities to prepare them as future leaders in financial services. Learn more at: https://stories.ksufoundation.org/meritrust