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Peer Financial Counselors


My name is Emily Koochel and I am a doctoral student in Applied Family Science from Great Bend, KS. Saving isn't always easy! So here's a trick. Set up a direct deposit for your savings account, and only put what you budgeted for in your checking account. It's convenient, and helps with saving and overspending.


My name is Avery Bolar and I’m a senior studying Finance from Prairie Village, KS. A trick that I have to saving money is preparing a lot of my meals at home and making sure I don’t wander outside of my shopping list when buying these items.


My name is Emma Drees and I am a senior in Finance from Brookville, KS. I like to save money by utilizing store coupons, especially when I can do it straight from my phone!


My name is Thomas Meek and I am a senior from Topeka, KS studying Personal Financial Planning and Spanish. I enjoy finding ways to travel affordably, like finding airline deals or using alternative housing options.


My name is Morgan Flax and I am a Marine Corps veteran pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Finance. Time is money! Don’t waste it!


My name is Philip Wegman and I am a senior in Personal Financial Planning from Taylor, MO. I save money by taking advantage of all the free events that K-State hosts for its students.