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Peer Financial Counselors


My name is Thomas Meek and I am a senior from Topeka, KS studying Personal Financial Planning and Spanish. I enjoy finding ways to travel affordably, like finding airline deals or using alternative housing options.


My name is Avery Bolar and I’m a senior studying Finance from Prairie Village, KS. A trick that I have to saving money is preparing a lot of my meals at home and making sure I don’t wander outside of my shopping list when buying these items.


My name is Emma Drees and I am a senior in Finance from Brookville, KS. I like to save money by utilizing store coupons, especially when I can do it straight from my phone!


My name is Morgan Flax and I am a Marine Corps veteran pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Finance. Time is money! Don’t waste it!


My name is Philip Wegman and I am a senior in Personal Financial Planning from Taylor, MO. I save money by taking advantage of all the free events that K-State hosts for its students.