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Peer Financial Counselors

A former peer financial counselor shares the value of the peer counselor experience:

"As I reflect back on my time on campus, Powercat Financial has been the most beneficial organization I was a part of. Now that I’m looking to buy a house, insurance, and all that comes with “adulting”, being a counselor is still paying dividends, and I’m sure will never stop doing so! The amount I learned, not only about financial information but how to communicate with others and understand their needs, is unmatched by any other experience I had on campus. I’m very fortunate to have been a small part of such an amazing program."


My name is Anabelle Sanko and I am a junior from Holdrege, NE, studying Personal Financial Planning and Finance. I save quite a bit of money by buying off brand. Most items taste or work exactly the same.

Chace P

My name is Chace Prothe and I am a Personal Financial Planning major. In my free time, I enjoy going to thrift shops and finding unique items. I am able to save money, and make a few bucks along the way. I am passionate about helping others and ensuring they are prepared for the years to come
Matt S

My name is Matthew Schlossman and I am a senior from Topeka, KS studying Personal Financial Planning. A great money saving tip is to take advantage of student discount apps such as Pocket Points or UniDAYS which provide great discounts to students at places all over town.

 Jessica Smith

My name is Jessica Smith and I’m a junior from Spring Hill, KS, studying Accounting and Economics. I like to save money by making grocery lists before I go shopping. This helps prevent me from getting sidetracked and buying unnecessary items.

 Sarah Meenen

My name is Sarah Meenen and I'm a senior in Accounting and Spanish.


My name is Garrett Jackson and I am from Cedar Point, KS. I'm a senior studying Personal Financial Planning, Business and Agricultural Economics. I enjoy looking for deals when I go out with friends to save money. In a college town there are several places that you can get a meal for a fraction of the normal price.