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March 6, 2024

K-State Sales Team places in top 10 at Redbird National Sales Competition

Submitted by Ruthie Gergeni

Sales Team

The K-State Sales Team recently competed in the virtual Redbird National Sales Competition. The event was hosted by Illinois State University with 120 students and more than 40 universities across the country competing in role-play events.

Throughout the contest, students competed in role-play scenarios selling Gartner for High Tech Leaders services and tools to various prospects and industries. Students uncovered the prospect's needs through effective questioning and presented the value Gartner could provide the prospect based on their current situation in each 20-minute role play.

The K-State Sales Team had three students participate in the competition: Taylor Moorman, junior in professional strategic selling; Halle Hartner, sophomore in professional strategic selling; and Simon Lee, sophomore in professional strategic selling. Hunter Hartner, senior in professional strategic selling, served as the peer coach.

All students had the opportunity to compete in Round 1 and Round 2. The top three students in each room, with their combined scores from Round 1 and Round 2, advanced to Round 3, or the semifinal round. Students then advanced to finals based on their continued performance. Hartner and Moorman advanced to the semifinals, placing in the top 36 competitors. The team took home ninth place overall in the competition.

"This competition is a great event as it allows our students to prepare at a competitive level for the upcoming National Collegiate Sales Competition sponsored by Gartner," said Kellie Jackson, marketing instructor, and K-State sales team coach. "Hunter played an invaluable role in the team's success as a peer coach, practicing and coaching the students throughout their preparation efforts. I can't wait to see the teams' success as they continue to develop their sales skills."

The K-State Sales Team is in the College of Business Administration’s National Strategic Selling Institute, which has been named one of the top sales programs in the country for twelve straight years by the Sales Education Foundation. The team consists of students who are enrolled in the certificate or major in professional strategic selling. In fall 2018, Kansas State became just the 19th university in the U.S. to offer a major in professional strategic selling. Students can also earn a certificate in professional strategic selling, which is open to all majors at the university. The professional strategic selling program introduces students to the fundamentals of sales and the innovative curriculum and sales labs allow students to develop the skills needed to be successful.

The K-State Sales Team will compete in several competitions throughout the school year across the country. For more information on the National Strategic Selling Institute or the K-State Sales Team, please contact kstatesalesprogram@k-state.edu