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March 6, 2024

K-State Innovation Partners recognizes inventors at First Tuesday

Submitted by Stephanie Pierce

Vice President for Research David V. Rosowsky and K-State Innovation Partners recognized and honored K-State inventors who were issued U.S. patents in 2023 at this month's First Tuesday Roundtable.

The inventors recognized are a notable group of K-State researchers who have worked with K-State Innovation Partners — which facilitates and manages technology transfer for the university — to protect their intellectual property.

To elevate the recognition of this achievement, K-State Innovation Partners invited K-State inventors who received patents in 2023 to be recognized by university leaders and department heads at First Tuesdays. The inventors were recognized for the following 2023 patents:

• "Nicotinamide Riboside Treatments of Domesticated Meat Animals," Chad Bennett Paulk and Hayley Wecker Ottot. 

• "Design of an In-Canopy Sprinkler Monitoring System for Center Pivot Irrigation Systems," Jonathan Aguilar and Danny Rogers.

• "Neutron Emitting Devices," Walter McNeil and Amir Bahadori. 

• "PUF-IPA: A PUF-based Identity Preserving Lightweight Authentication Protocol using Binary String Shuffling," Arslan Munir. 

• "Monitor for Environmental Particulate Matter Size, Concentration, and Complex Index of Refraction," Christopher Sorensen and Steven Eckels. 

• "Method for Monitoring Bronchoscopic-based Microwave Ablation and Related System," Punit Prakash and Austin Pfannenstiel. 

• "The Combination of Fluconazole and Methadone Provide Long Lasting Opioid Effects in Dogs after Oral Administration," Stanley KuKanich, David Rankin and Katherine KuKanich. 

• "Collapsible Tray Table," David A. Brown. 

"I'm thankful that we have the opportunity to work with incredibly talented and devoted researchers at K-State," said Rebecca Robinson, CEO of K-State Innovation Partners. "I'm pleased to celebrate all of their hard work and recognize them along with university leaders as they champion forward the research at our university."