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November 20, 2023

Females ages 60-70 needed for brain imaging study

Submitted by Kristen McGatlin

FXTAS eligibility screener QR code

K-State researchers in the the Memory and Aging Lab in the department of psychological sciences are conducting a study in collaboration with the University of Kansas Medical Center and the University of Kansas-Lawrence.

Female research participants between the ages of 60 and 75, both with and without premutations of the fragile X gene, FMR1, are needed for the study. 

The researchers are interested in understanding behavioral and brain differences associated with premutations of the Fragile X gene, FMR1.

Study volunteers will complete a blood draw, MRI and tests of motor skills and thinking abilities. The MRI tests look at brain structure and brain function, and they are non-invasive and do not involve any radiation.

Testing will involve two to four visits to the labs at KUMC and KU-Lawrence — each visit is three to four hours, depending on availability. All testing is voluntary and individuals are compensated up to $90 for their time. Travel reimbursement up to $350 may be available.

If you are interested in participating, call 785-864-4461 to speak with a team member about filling out the screening survey, or you can fill it out by following this link

This screener will help the research team determine if you are eligible for the current studies. A member of the research team will contact you as soon as possible once this screener has been reviewed. You also may contact the study team at brainlab@ku.edu or 785-864-4461 to discuss any questions.

 The study received IRB HSC approval No. 144184.