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August 17, 2023

Education Abroad thanks faculty, staff for internationalizing K-State classrooms

Submitted by Brent Holliday

During the 2022-23 academic year, 43 K-State faculty and staff proposed faculty-led education abroad courses that included international study tours.

In collaboration with Education Abroad, these programs were developed in nearly every college at K-State. Faculty leaders are often instrumental in helping students gain an international perspective on their fields of study. The faculty provide critical support to their students while they are abroad, and they also help them develop skills and competencies that they may need after graduation. Education Abroad recognizes and thanks these faculty and staff for their tremendous effort to internationalize their classrooms with an education abroad experience.

College of Agriculture

  • Jason Ellis, Study Abroad Experience in Agriculture Communication and Journalism, Ireland, fall break. 
  • Scott Beyer and Amy Beyer, Agriculture and Culture in Switzerland, summer.
  • Valentina Trinetta and Umut Yucel, Food Science Study Tour of Italy, summer.

College of Architecture, Planning & Design

  • Torgeir Norheim, Italian Studies Program, fall semester. 
  • Lauren Fitzpatrick, Michael Grogan and Howard Hahn, Italian Studies Program, spring semester. 

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Michael Wesch, Ethnography in Vietnam, spring. 
  • Tanya Gonzalez and Rebeca Paz, First-generation Education Abroad Experience in Costa Rica, spring break.
  • Rebecca Bender, Spanish Culture and Civilization, Spain, summer. 
  • Gary Brase, Cross-Cultural Psychology, KSU in Italy, summer. 
  • Traci Brimhall, Introduction to Creative Non-fiction and Travel Writing, KSU in Ireland, summer. 
  • Douglas Dow, History of Italian Art and Architecture, KSU in Italy, summer. 
  • Miki Loschky, Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture, KSU in Japan, summer. 
  • Lauren Ritterbush and Brad Logan, Archaeology of the British Isles, KSU in Ireland, summer. 
  • Andrew Smith, Photography and Digital Storytelling Abroad, KSU in Italy, summer. 
  • Martha Smith-Caldas, Biology in Costa Rica, summer. 
  • Patricia Thompson, Music in Italy, KSU in Italy, summer. 

College of Business Administration

  • Swinder Janda and Bente Janda, International Business in Germany and Italy, spring break. 
  • Brett Wilkinson and Ashley West, Accounting International Experience, Australia, summer. 
  • Dan Minick and Brandon Savage, Operations and Supply Chain Management in Germany and Netherlands, summer. 
  • Sabine Turnley, Tracey Lee, Marcia Hornung and Megan Ronnebaum, Brexit Study Tour, United Kingdom and Belgium, summer. 

College of Education

  • Alex Becnel and Sean Bridgen, Multicultural Counseling in Italy, summer. 

College of Engineering

  • Sheryl Cornell, Computer Science Professional Seminar, KSU in Japan, summer. 
  • Ryan Hansen, Engineering in Italy, KSU in Italy, summer. 

College of Health and Human Sciences

  • Peggy Honey, Global Experiences in Interior Design, Italy, summer. 
  • Hyung Chan Kim and Kelsie Doty, Interior Design and Fashion Studies in South Korea, summer. 
  • Chad Lohman, Food and Wine of Italy, KSU in Italy, summer. 

College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Walter Renberg and Rose McMurphy, International Veterinary Study Tour, Tanzania, summer. 

Staley School of Leadership

  • Andy Wefald, Culture and Context in Leadership, KSU in Italy, summer. 

Additional thanks to the following faculty and staff who also played a significant role in the development of these education abroad programs or in the support of education abroad students:

  • Dan Moser, College of Agriculture. 
  • Katrina Lewis, Katie Kingery-Page and Jessica Canfield, College of Architecture, Planning, & Design. 
  • Scott Tanona and Melinda Cro, College of Arts and Sciences. 
  • Shawna Jordan, College of Health and Human Sciences. 

Thank you to those campus units who had a role in collaborating with Education Abroad on the development of faculty-led programs, including the Office of Student Financial Assistance, Lafene Health Center, the Office of General Counsel, the Division of Financial Services, Global Campus, the Student Access Center, the Office of First-generation Students, the Union Passport Acceptance Center, the Office of Student Life, Student Governing Association, and the Office of Risk and Compliance.

If you are interested in learning more about faculty-led education abroad programs or developing a faculty-led opportunity for your students, please contact bholliday@k-state.edu