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April 3, 2023

Faculty and Professional Staff Retiree Ceremony April 26

Submitted by Candace LaBerge

Faculty Senate invites you to attend the annual Faculty and Professional Staff Retiree Ceremony at 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 26, at the K-State Alumni Center. The ceremony recognizes, honors and celebrates those faculty and professional staff who have contributed to the success of Kansas State University during their careers.

The event will also be live streamed for guests who are unable to attend in person.

Kansas State University is committed to providing equal access opportunity and reasonable accommodation to campus programs and services for faculty, staff and students. If you require accommodation to view or hear a video live stream or archive, please submit a request for accommodation. Students should make their request to the Student Access Center. All others should request accommodation through Human Capital Services.

The following individuals are on the program this year:

Agriculture and K-State Research and Extension

  • Joseph Becker, Agricultural Research Center-Hays. 
  • Martin Draper, Agriculture Experiment Station.
  • Bernd Friebe, plant pathology.
  • Martin Gleason, 21 Central District.
  • Cesar Guvele, agricultural economics.
  • Mark Haller, Kansas Forest Service.
  • Charlene Henton, Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services.
  • Kevin Herbel, Kansas Farm Management Association Program.
  • Donna Krug, Cottonwood District.
  • Dale Lanham, Southwind District.
  • Christine McPheter, Meade County.
  • Charles Otte, Geary County.
  • Ronald Pope, animal sciences and industry.
  • Bruce Ramundo, plant pathology.
  • Trudy Rice, community vitality programs.
  • Michael Scheffel, animal sciences and industry.
  • Barbara Stockebrand, Southwind District.
  • Bernadette Unruh, Cottonwood District.
  • Keli Yungeberg, agriculture dean's office.

Arts and Sciences

  • Robert Clark, modern languages.
  • Katherine Dubiel, A.Q. Miller School of Media and Communication. 
  • Donald Hedrick, English.
  • Debi Holcomb, sociology, anthropology, and social work.
  • Angela Hubler, social transformation studies.
  • Katherine Karlin, English.
  • Kimberly Kirkpatrick, psychological sciences.
  • James Larkins, biology.
  • Annette Maggio, dean's office.
  • John Maginnis, mathematics.
  • Donald Mrozek, history.
  • Marcella Reekie, English.
  • John Tomich, biochemistry and molecular biophysics.


  • Gary Cunningham, dean's office.
  • Leigh Cunningham, dean's office.
  • Mary Devin, educational leadership.
  • Richard Doll, educational leadership.
  • Susan Erichsen, dean's office.
  • LouAnn Getz, curriculum and instruction.
  • Cyndi Kuhn, curriculum and instruction.
  • Jacqueline Spears, dean's office.
  • Cara Wohler, dean's office.
  • Jeffrey Zacharakis, educational leadership.


  • Lynelle Ladd, Kansas Industrial Extension Services.
  • Bruce Snead, Kansas Industrial Extension Services.

General administration

  • Joel Anderson, Office of Research Development.
  • Bethany Bohn, Division of Communications and Marketing.
  • Kent Glasscock, K-State Innovation Partners.
  • Vivian Fulton-Grothe, Lafene Student Health Center.
  • Rex Goff, posthumous, PreAward Services.
  • Charles Gould, Division of Information Technology.
  • Mark Grinter, Division of Information Technology.
  • Nancy Hardy, Lafene Student Health Center.
  • Dana Hastings, Office of the President.
  • Diane Havenstein, Division of Information Technology.
  • Larry Havenstein, Division of Information Technology.
  • Thomas Jagosz, International Programs.
  • Cynthia Jeffrey, Division of Communications and Marketing.
  • Roger McBride, Division of Financial Services.
  • Theresa McCarthy, Administrative Support Center.
  • Barbara Nagel, Office of the Registrar.
  • Maureen Olewnik, Office of Research Development.
  • Sue Peterson, Office of the President.
  • Anthony Phillips, Division of Information Technology.
  • Gerry Snyder, Division of Information Technology.
  • William Spiegel, Division of Facilities.
  • Cindy Sorrick, Division of Information Technology.
  • Debra Werth, PreAward Services.
  • Mary Wood, International Programs.

Health and Human Sciences

  • Pam Evans, Center on Aging.
  • Vanetta Geiger, hospitality management.
  • Nancy King, hospitality management.

K-State Alumni Association

  • Amy Button Renz.

K-State Athletics

  • Norman Burge.

K-State Global Campus

  • Charlene Brownson.

K-State Olathe

  • Terri Bogina.
  • Harry Williamson.

K-State Salina

  • Hugh Irvin, aviation.
  • Dennis Stugelmeyer, finance.

Veterinary Medicine

  • James Carpenter, clinical sciences.
  • Roman Ganta, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology.
  • Suhasini Ganta, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology.
  • Deborah Jaworski, diagnostic medicine and pathobiology.
  • Randall Juracek, Veterinary Health Center.
  • Barta Stevenson, dean's office.

The colleges of Architecture, Planning & Design and Business Administration, and K-State Libraries, had no retirees. 

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