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Video and Engineering Services

Accommodation Request

This form is for use by faculty/staff and public only. Students should request accommodation through the Student Access Center:

     785-532-6441 phone
     785-532-6457 fax
     785-370-0431 video phone

If you are not a student, and have ANY difficulty utilizing this form, please contact:

     Charlotte Self, Director of Employee Relations
     785-532-6277 phone
     785-532-6095 fax

Requester information

Please select faculty/staff or other so we can route your request appropriately. If you select "Other," please complete the next field.

If you selected "other" above, please provide information on the type of relationship you have with Kansas State University so we may better serve you.

Event information
Contact preferences

Please select the appropriate contact method. If "other," please indicate in the "other contact method" field below.