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October 17, 2022

Weekly global religious, spiritual and nonreligious observance information

Submitted by Stefan Yates

The President's Committee on Religion, Spirituality and Nonreligious Diversity presents the global observance information for Oct. 17-23.

Shemini Atzeret* and Simchat Torah*

These two days — one in Israel — are a major holiday when, in the strictest forms of Judaism, most types of work and related activities are prohibited. Among activities that may be restricted are working, driving and turning electric devices on and off. The observance concludes the seven days of Sukkot. Traditionally, the evening before, the faithful, oftentimes girls and women, light candles and recite blessings to begin the observances. In some communities, festivities include joyous dancing in circles holding the Torah scrolls— the scriptures. This dancing is referred to as "hakafot." Read additional information

*Many observances in Judaism begin the evening of the night before. 

The President's Committee on Religious, Spiritual and Nonreligious Diversity welcomes those of all global religious, spiritual and nonreligious commitments. Further, we welcome any suggestions, questions or other comments. Please contact the committee chair, Bev Earles, at earles@k-state.edu.