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K-State Today

October 17, 2022

Seize the day, Wildcats

Submitted by Thomas Lane and Parker Vulgamore

In our experience, Wildcats are "seize the day" people. We don't wait until after graduation, or even next semester, to use our immense talents to make a mark in science, business, arts and entertainment, research and community leadership.

Today, we remind you that what's true for your professional and social life is also true of your civic life: It doesn't start after graduation. As U.S. citizens and part of self-governance, we are all on duty now.

During election season, being a full citizen means doing three things:

Check your voter registration. First-time voters must register, and anyone who has moved or changed their name since the last election must update their registration. Kansas voters can go to ksvotes.org and must do so by Tuesday, Oct. 18. That's tomorrow, 'Cats.

Learn about the candidates and questions on the ballot. Many trustworthy organizations offer information on your choices. Kansas voters can preview a sample ballot via the Secretary of State's website. Though you cast your ballot alone, deciding how to vote is social. Ask for and consider the opinions of people you respect.  

Plan to vote. Election day is Nov. 8, but people who plan to vote early are statistically much more likely to actually do it. Early voters don't have to worry about emergencies on election day, like being sick or a car that won't start.

All Kansas voters can request a mail-in ballot — no reason needed. Make your request at ksvotes.org on or before Nov. 1.

Like getting your "I Voted" sticker? Those registered in Riley County can vote early, in person, at the Riley County Office Building in downtown Manhattan, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, starting Wednesday, Oct. 19, through noon on Nov. 7. Take your driver's license or other approved ID with you.

Seize this day, Wildcats.