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April 15, 2022

2022 K-State's University Support Staff Award of Excellence winners

Submitted by Human Capital Services

Kansas State University is recognizing four university support staff professionals for their job performance with the university's 2022 University Support Staff Award of Excellence. Please join Human Capital Services in congratulating the award recipients, who will each receive $1,000 for their contributions to the K-State community.

The awards recognize exemplary performance and contributions of staff members who consistently excel in their positions and demonstrate integrity and a strong commitment to the mission and values of K-State.

The recipients:

• Kallie Kolterman, mail specialist, Division of Facilities, in the Office and Clerical category.

• Jesica Sellers, maintenance and repair technician I, K-State Libraries, in the Service and Maintenance/Skilled Crafts category.

• David Anderson, university police officer, Kansas State University Policy Department, in the Technical and Professional category.

• Margarita "Margo" Gomez, office specialist III, Lafene Counseling and Psychological Services, in the Belonging category.

In the last year, Kolterman has performed her position and stepped into two other positions that were vacated. Taking on the duties of maintaining the electronic mail machines at Central Mail Services, she created standard operating procedures to help avoid lengthy shut down of the meters, helping her co-workers quickly pinpoint the issue and resolve it. When another mail currier retired without a replacement identified, Kolterman took it upon herself to not only manage the roster but also assist in processing the mail and has formed a relationship with the unit's office staff. A normal day in Central Mail Services requires flexibility, communication and organization. Having someone who can see the big picture and make the changes necessary to prioritize the workflow necessary to get the work completed is invaluable. This is Kolterman. She creates a positive work ethic with her co-workers by effectively communicating any changes to the daily schedules, issues that might arise and prioritizes the workflow in Central Mail.

Sellers is a maintenance and repair technician on the K-State Libraries' building services team. She has been instrumental in assisting with the renovation project due to the Hale fire. This past year, the building services team was extremely busy with preparations for moving back into Hale. Sellers did considerable work to prepare staff office spaces as they moved back into the building. She also performed essential work in managing furniture inventory, setting up new furniture and organizing new spaces in Hale. The library reconstruction project created a mess in the basement as shelving and contractor supplies accumulated. Sellers led a basement reorganization and cleanup project, creating a clean, organized and well-maintained space. Sellers demonstrates a consistently positive attitude and strong work ethic, whether tackling routine maintenance tasks or being asked to manage and adapt to major disruptions like the Hale Library fire. Working in the largest building on campus, there seem to be never-ending issues that arise and whether major or minor, Sellers accomplishes everything with a smile and an invariably courteous and pleasant demeanor. Her flexibility in changing workspaces and assisting other library staff in transitioning to their temporary and permanent spaces was inspiring and reflects the values that make Kansas State University a truly special place.

Anderson is an employee who comes to work with a positive attitude that is infectious to his co-workers. 2021, like 2020, was a difficult year in law enforcement, but it was made much more bearable by Anderson's positive attitude. He did not shirk his responsibilities and provided the campus with consistent and quality service through his constant patrols. Further, Anderson not only did the expected patrol work, such as stopping traffic offenders and investigating crimes, but he also went above and beyond to speak with and listen to the concerns of students, visitors and staff he came across. Anderson is the kind of officer you would want your family to meet with should they ever need a police officer's help. His ability to connect with people going through crises has been especially helpful this last year. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly difficult for many K-State students and, as a result, more and more have had moments that require mental health assistance. Anderson has often been one of the officers who responds and speaks with these students. No two days in police work are the same. Anderson shines in his ability to shift gears and step in and help whenever and wherever it is needed. Anderson routinely volunteers to take a leadership role in casework, is a mentor to junior officers, represents the officers of the department as a leader, and sets the example for others to follow.

Gomez has been part of the K-State family since 2019 and has been committed to ensuring that students' needs are met and that they feel connected to campus through her work at Lafene Counseling and Psychological Services. Working at CAPS, Gomez is in a unique position to see students at their worst. In addition to skillfully navigating distressed students, she creates a sense of belonging and ensures they feel safe and comfortable waiting to meet with a therapist. Knowing how important belonging is to students of historically excluded populations, Gomez was essential to the process of creating a new and improved — and data-drive/evidenced-based — service model at CAPS. Her feedback and advocacy for students, using her experience and care, ensured CAPS created justice-drive access for students. Gomez dove deeply into conversations regarding historically excluded populations, the challenges they face in seeking services and how CAPS as an agency can better meet their needs. Her contributions ensured CAPS has and will continue to deliver outstanding results to help everyone feel valued and part of the K-State family.