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K-State Today

November 2, 2021

Advisor Forum presents November Charlie Award

Submitted by Katelin Christianer-Donkers

The K-State Advisor Forum announces that Rebekkah Stuteville, assistant dean of academic support services, teaching associate professor and director of the professional science master's degree program at the K-State Olathe campus, has been selected for the November Charlie Award.

A colleague nominated Stuteville for this award because of the true dedication and care that Dr. Stuteville puts into each and every graduate student in the professional science master's program at K-State Olathe.

Stuteville responds immediately to student inquiries, and she is extremely patient with the students, who sometimes are not clear about their career goals. Her drive is their success in the program and the fulfillment of their career potential based on the knowledge and skills gained during their programs.

According to her nominator, "Dr. Stuteville spends a great deal of time recruiting students, making sure the program is the correct fit for each prospective student. With each student, she helps them to develop a course curriculum for their individual needs, and she keeps up to date with their progress within the program. Dr. Stuteville is compassionate, patient and hardworking. She implements step-by-step guidance for each student, and she always communicates with the student's major professor to make sure the process is seamless.

"The faculty appreciates her hard work, dedication, and organization, and she ends up making it easier for faculty to focus on student needs rather than potential administrative obstacles. Her experience in advising students is broad, and faculty often approaches her for advice about advising graduate students."

Stuteville is called very professional, friendly and easily approachable, as well as an asset to K-State University and graduate students because she gives them the confidence and access to advanced education needed to fulfill their dreams.

The K-State Advisor Forum thanks Stuteville for the work she has done for students and the advising community and congratulates her on this award.

For more information on the Charlie Award or to learn how to nominate someone, please review the Recognitions page on the Student Success website. Once your nomination is complete, it will remain an active nomination for one full academic year. Nominations can be completed at any time and can be submitted by anyone on campus. One award will be given out at the beginning of each month. The Advisor Forum Committee will make the decision and deliver awards.