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K-State Today

November 1, 2021

Postal Service delays may impact check payments to vendors

Submitted by General Accounting

The U.S. Postal Service has extended the delivery time for first-class mail services. These delays may impact payment delivery times to some vendors. To avoid impacting vendors the university engages with, the Division of Financial Services recommends using the following order of precedence to pay vendors:

1. University Business Procurement Card, or BPC 

May be used for all domestic purchases under $5,000, except for transactions prohibited on the BPC Excluded Purchases list. Payments greater than $5,000 or payments to international vendors may still be made, but require prior approval to lift restrictions on the card. To lift restrictions, email bpc@k-state.edu with details of the requested purchase. Please contact General Accounting for additional information on how to obtain a BPC.

2. Automated Clearing House, or ACH

This method should be used when it is not possible to use a BPC and the vendor will potentially receive multiple payments over the course of business with the university. To learn more about ACH options for vendors please contact General Accounting.

3. Check

Only use for payments that cannot be paid via BPC or ACH or for one-time vendor payments.

 4. Check with special handling

Only use special handling for payments that require documentation to be submitted to apply payment. To avoid the special handling processes, work with vendors to identify alternative payment identification methods utilizing the "remittance" section on the payment document. This may include listing a specific account code or sending a PDF to the vendor with payment confirmation.

You may reach out directly to the General Accounting office with any questions regarding these methods of payments at 785-532-6202 or genacctg@k-state.edu. 

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