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November 1, 2021

Weekly global religious, spiritual and nonreligious observance information

Submitted by Stefan Yates

The President's Committee on Religion, Spirituality and Nonreligious Diversity presents the global observance information for the week of Nov. 1-7.

Nov. 1, First Day of Native American Heritage Month. This month celebrates the people who inhabited the lands of what is now the United States thousands of years before settler colonizers arrived.

Nov. 1, Samhain — Wiccan/Pagan Samhain marks the beginning of the Pagan year; a time to search for wisdom and guidance. Note: The Southern Hemisphere observes this holiday from April 30 through May 1.

Nov. 1, All Saints Day — Christian and Eastern Orthodox. The Catholic and some Protestant Christians remember all saints, dead or living, throughout the church's history. Note: The Eastern Church observes this holiday on a different date.

Nov. 2, Diwali — Hindu — Jain — Sikh The Festival of Lights commemorates the triumph of the Good over the Evil and Light over Darkness. Note: Different branches of this tradition celebrate on different days.

Nov. 2, All Soul's Day, El Dia de los muertos, or Day of the Dead. Christian day of prayers, remembrance and intercession for the dead. Prayers of the faithful are seen as helping to cleanse the souls for the beatific vision of God in heaven.

Nov. 7, Birth of Baha'u'llah — Baha'i celebration of the birth of their founder and teacher. Baha'u'llah is the Messenger of God. His teachings create the foundation of the Baha'i practice, which is the unity of people of all races and backgrounds.

The president's committee welcomes those of all global faith, spiritual and nonreligious worldview commitments.

For further information, please see our website and/or contact Beverley Earles, chair, at earles@k-state.edu.

The committee is looking for your input for observances to announce for the spring 2022 semester. If you have observances to contribute, please email earles@k-state.edu.

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