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Diversity and Inclusion

President's Committee on Religious, Spiritual and Nonreligious Diversity

Mission/Statement of Purpose

The President's Committee on Religious, Spiritual, and Nonreligious Diversity exists to help everyone on campus - from all religious, spiritual, and nonreligious perspectives - to see themselves as valuable members of the K-State family.

The committee reports to the Dr. Bryan Samuel, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

Group Membership

Chair: Beverley Earles, administration

Rohan Amare, graduate student

Elena Aronson, graduate student

Debra Bolton, DMSA

Annie Cortez, undergraduate student

Brandon Haddock, staff

Cliff Hight, faculty

Daniel Ireton, Hale Library

Durga Jambunathan, undergraduate student

Aayat Kazi, undergraduate student

Courtney Hochman-Keith, alumni representative

Rajat Kodira, undergraduate student

Debra Marseline, Polytechnic

Molly McGaughey, staff

Aliah Mestrovich Seay, extension specialist

Amelia Richter, undergraduate student

Chris Sharp, athletics

Be Stoney, CDIO

Andrew Thompson, staff

Christian Watkins, ECM advisor

Stefan Yates, President's Office

David Yetter, faculty

How to Contact the President's Committee on Religious, Spiritual, and Nonreligious Diversity

Email Beverley Earles, Chair, earles@ksu.edu

Religious Holidays Calendar (pdf)

Suggested Campus Resources

Policy Concerning Religious Activities

Registered Student Organizations (will need to select “Religious”)

Powwow - A Guide for Non-Native/Non-Indigenous Spectators

Suggested Resources

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Religious Directory

InterFaith Youth Core

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