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K-State Today

March 25, 2013

Highlights from the March 12 Faculty Senate meeting

Submitted by Faculty Senate

March 12 highlights:


• Provost Mason updated senators on the dean searches for Olathe and Human Ecology. Also, a new search will begin for the dean of engineering. She also addressed where the AON Hewitt report stands regarding unclassified professionals. The consultants have finished their report and submitted it recently. Administration has arranged for them to visit campus for a two-day period on April 8-9 to hold open forums; they will also meet with governance groups in particular.

• Carol Marden, classified senator and chair of the Alternative Service Committee, presented information to faculty senators regarding what classified senate is doing with respect to classified positions. Some years ago, KU moved to a new system for their classified employees and they are now university support staff. Now, several years later, classified senate is reviewing this possible option for K-State classified employees. Many open sessions will be held with classified employees as well as others to give opportunity for feedback prior to any decision being made.


Consent Agenda:

• President-elect Keen presented the consent agenda containing several course and curriculum changes from the various colleges as well as graduation lists and a posthumous degree request. It was approved as submitted.


Standing committee and Student Senate reports:

• Academic Affairs: Senator Andrew Bennett discussed topics being addressed in Academic Affairs, such as MOOCs and K-State certificate programs. He also encouraged senators to view the K-State 2025 DRAFT Undergraduate Studies and Student Life Theme II Implementation Plan and give feedback: http://www.k-state.edu/undergradstudies/.

• Faculty Affairs: Senator Melia Fritch presented a resolution for senators’ action regarding freedom of expression and opinion as it regards to Dale Askey. She briefly described the background for the resolution’s creation. The resolution was adopted. Fritch also updated senators that Faculty Affairs is working on bringing forward the proposed change to C157 in the University Handbook as well as presenting another resolution involving a request from the Faculty Salaries and Fringe Benefits committee.

• FSCOT: Senator David Rintoul reported a decision has been made regarding a new email provider. This will be announced in K-State Today in the near future. The change will most likely occur in July. Next month he should have the annual data access report to share with senators.

• FSCOUP: Senator Bob Condia reported that Senior Vice Provost Ruth Dyer was a guest at their last meeting to update the committee regarding the Campus Master Plan. If timing works out, the Campus Master Plan should be presented to the Board of Regents in April at their monthly meeting.

• Student Senate: Senator Grant Hill reported to senators that SGA elections are coming to a close and turnover will be occurring in the near future. He also reported that the Student Enhancement Funding committee has made their recommendations for 2014 and student senate will be voting on those soon. Ayers Saint Gross has been finalizing the plan for the K-State Student Union and that will be tied in with the complete Campus Master Plan.


• President Bloodgood announced that Faculty Senate elections are continuing. Primary ballots are complete and final ballots will be going out. He encouraged senators to give thought to running for president elect.

• The spring open forums with President Schulz and Provost Mason were conducted in Manhattan and Salina.

• Faculty Senate will host a past Faculty Senate presidents’ luncheon on April 5.

• The annual Faculty and Unclassified Professionals Retiree Ceremony and Reception will be April 16 in the Alumni Center.

New Business:

• Honorary degree. An honorary degree was put forward for the May commencement. Faculty Senate approved the candidate.

• The Faculty Compensation Task Force report was formally accepted by Faculty Senate. The comment period will continue through March 16 after which time the President and Provost will review all comments. They intend to have a plan ready for release in April.

For the Good of the University:

• President Bloodgood directed senators’ attention to the handout. This was the State of Kansas Senate Resolution No. 1714, which commemorated K-State’s 150th anniversary.

• Senator Bonnie Lynn-Sherow yielded her time to faculty member Jim Sherow. Sherow wanted to alert senators to upcoming city agenda items that will affect faculty here at K-State.

• Senator Farmer inquired about the possibility of another special session of Faculty Senate regarding salaries. It was determined to wait on the response of the President and Provost before scheduling such a session.

• Senator Kiefer announced “Ready Player One” as the upcoming book for the Freshman Common Read.

Jim Bloodgood
Faculty Senate President