Undergraduate Studies

Established in 2012, the office of the vice provost for undergraduate studies supports undergraduate advising, undergraduate research, general education, first-year programs, service learning, the honors program, the School of Leadership, and the honor and integrity system.  

Our objective is to enrich the undergraduate experience at Kansas State University by providing students a wealth of diverse learning opportunities that complement degree program requirements and that facilitate nationally recognized forms of undergraduate academic excellence.

The office of the vice provost for undergraduate studies serves as the strategic nexus for key academic support programs and university-wide initiatives designed to facilitate undergraduate students’ initial connection to university-level academic work. Our goal is help undergraduate students to define and achieve their intellectual ambitions.  We advocate for undergraduate education in collaboration with students, faculty, schools and departments across the university.

Plans for K-State student success

Please review the plan below and submit your comments and suggestions. All comments from this survey will be compiled and reported anonymously, without personal identifiers.

K-State 2025 thematic goal for Undergraduate Education Experience:

Build a connected, diverse, empowered, engaged, participatory culture of learning and excellence that promotes undergraduate student success and prepares students for their professional, community, social, and personal lives.

See the Undergraduate Educational Experience Strategic Action Plan (pdf)


Six Kansas State University administrators participated in the Feb. 7-9 Academic Advising Administrators’ Institute that was hosted by the National Academic Advising Association or NACADA.