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June 29, 2021

Cayuse COI questions and new Foreign Influence and Academic Security Training

Submitted by Erin Pennington

Federal agencies have recently expressed growing concerns regarding inappropriate influence by foreign entities over federally funded research. This has resulted in new legislation, guidance and policy statements clarifying and adding additional research security measures including:
  • Disclosure of relationships and activities with foreign institutions.
  • Restrictions on participation in foreign government talent recruitment programs.
  • Guidance on conflict of interest and conflict of commitment reporting.
  • Information security. 
To meet these new and evolving requirements, effective July 1, all principal investigators and co-principal investigators applying for a federal award will be required to take Foreign Influence and Academic Security Training on CITI Program Online. The training consists of three modules and will only be required once every three years. In addition, PreAward Services has updated the Cayuse conflict of interest questions for the proposal and award Internal Processing Form, or IPF, to provide additional prompts related to these disclosure requirements.
For any questions about the new CITI Online training please contact Cheryl Doerr at cdoerr@k-state.edu. For questions about the updated Cayuse questions, please email Paul Lowe at plowe@k-state.edu.