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K-State Today

March 8, 2013

Draft strategic action plan for Undergraduate Studies and Student Life

Submitted by Steven Dandaneau

Dear colleagues,

A few days ago in K-State Today, on behalf of Vice President Bosco and myself, I shared our draft Undergraduate Studies and Student Life plan for campus comment. I very much appreciate the feedback we are receiving as we engage with all of you in finding ways to enhance student success. I also understand that there has been some confusion as to what this plan is and how it relates to the K-State 2025 visionary plan as well as the college/major unit/departmental strategic action planning underway.

As part of the effort to align college/major unit and departmental planning this year, President Schulz and Provost Mason requested that a joint strategic action plan be developed for Undergraduate Studies and Student Life focused on and aligned with the K-State 2025 key activities and outcomes for the Undergraduate Educational Experience (Theme II). Just as the colleges and departments are engaging in developing K-State 2025 strategic action and alignment plans, the proposed K-State 2025 Undergraduate Studies and Student Life Theme II Implementation Plan is our initial draft of such a plan.

The university goal for the Undergraduate Educational Experience is to "build a connected, diverse, empowered, engaged, participatory culture of learning and excellence that promotes undergraduate student success and prepares students for their professional, community, social, and personal lives."

During the next two months, we will be visiting with many of you to talk about our proposed directions to support K-State in reaching that goal. In addition, I invite you to submit your comments online through May 10. All comments from this survey will be compiled and reported anonymously, without personal identifiers. Please feel free to also contact me at any time with questions, concerns, or suggestions at studentsuccess@k-state.edu. We will submit a completed plan to the President and Provost for consideration at the end of May consistent with the K-State 2025 planning timelines.

It will take all of us — those of us in Undergraduate Studies and Student Life, faculty and advisors in the colleges and departments — working together to provide the support our students deserve as they build their futures. I look forward to engaging with all of you as we determine the best strategies to advance the success of our students.

Steven Dandaneau

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies