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April 7, 2021

APDesign graduate student Talisa Hernandez awarded inaugural Condia + Ornelas Traveling Fellowship

Submitted by Thom Jackson

Talisa Hernandez

The Condia + Ornelas Traveling Fellowship panel has awarded the inaugural Condia + Ornelas Traveling Fellowship to Talisa Hernandez. Hernandez is a fifth-year graduate student from Wichita in the architecture department of Kansas State University's College of Architecture, Planning & Design.

Hernandez plans to use the fellowship to travel through Italy to document the variation in aesthetic and sensory experience of a range of Italian cities across the peninsula and to interpret and represent those observations through the medium of a digitized architectural capriccio. When this will happen is to be determined due to COVID-19 restrictions, but ideally, the travel would take place toward the end of this summer and into the fall.

"Being awarded the fellowship is a wonderful opportunity to take the cumulation of what I have learned and what areas of interest I have developed during my five years in the program and to independently expand upon and synthesize them into my own area of inquiry," Hernandez said. "It also means a lot to be able to travel and return to Italy after my brief education abroad experience there last spring."

A panel of industry professionals was selected to evaluate the merits of all entries. The panel members included Ann Hossler, University of Kansas Department of Design; Tim Hossler, Tim Hossler Design; Brian Jones, Graphicmachine; Patience Jones, Graphicmachine; Elias Kruse Logan, Merge Architects; Doug Shaffer, McHenry Shaffer Architecture; and Sonja Shaffer.

Hernandez's research proposal "Digitizing the Architectural Capriccio" explained her planned investigation of the range of media architectural representation of the capriccio and exploration of the depth of sensory experience it can evoke in digitized space. The panel found this to be a compelling, contemporary take on a historical tradition of architectural representation. The panel added that Hernandez's proposal was highly focused and clearly articulated how her planned travel itinerary throughout Italy will support her research goals. Moreover, Hernandez's creativity and enthusiasm for her research were evident throughout both her proposal and her interview.

The panel was impressed with the quality of all proposals received, noting that each one had a unique perspective that reflected a deep appreciation for the profession. The proposals were ambitious and diverse in focus, geographic scope, and proposed methods of documentation. The panel was also inspired by the sense of hope and optimism conveyed in all of the proposals.

Members of the panel were proud to be a part of this important initiative.

"Personal experience is vital to the understanding of space, which in turn informs the built environment," said the panel in a statement. "Being in unfamiliar built environments, and with the people who made and inhabit those environments, gives greater meaning to the historical similarities and differences in our personal circumstances. The context of travel will not only help individual students and graduates become better architects, but it will advance the profession of architecture and therefore the world in which we live."

The Condia + Ornelas Traveling Fellowship, established in 2020 by K-State Professors Bob Condia and Wendy Ornelas, annually enables an outstanding graduate from the K-State architecture department to study firsthand significant architectural works and cultural values beyond the boundaries of the university. The fellowship recipient will exemplify Condia + Ornelas' belief of the importance of understanding other cultures and studying places beyond one’s comfort zone. Such knowledge and experience build a creative and innovative spirit in the foundation and lifetime education of an architect.