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October 6, 2020

Information regarding fraudulent unemployment insurance claims

Submitted by David Brown

Earlier this year, the Kansas Information Security Office released information regarding multiple reports of unemployment insurance fraud.

The Kansas Department of Labor has received multiple reports from employees associated with all levels of government — health care, education, higher education and first responders — indicating that they received a notice of filing an unemployment claim when they had not. In many cases, employees in these areas have not had an event that would warrant making an unemployment claim.

If an employee has received notice that an unemployment claim has been filed in their name, their identity has likely been stolen at some point in time. The affected individual should report the identity theft to the Kansas Department of Labor and take additional steps to help protect their identity, such as credit monitoring or identity theft protection services.

To report a fraudulent unemployment claim, visit ReportFraud.ks.gov to file an ID Theft report. According to the Kansas Department of Labor, you will receive a list of recommended steps to protect your identity as well as a police report case number. This will help impacted individuals proactively act when their personal information is exposed and there is a risk of further financial harm.

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