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September 9, 2020

Families First Coronavirus Response Act leave, resources for faculty and staff

Submitted by Human Capital Services

Employees have many responsibilities and challenges in their everyday lives and COVID-19 presents unique circumstances that impact employees and their families. K-State has resources to support you during this time.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act, or FFCRA, leave

The FFCRA is a new leave program that is available to employees, including temporary employees and students, for COVID-qualifying reasons. Leave time may be used if the employee is unable to work, including ability to work remotely, because the employee:

  1. Is subject to a federal, state, or local quarantine or isolation order related to COVID-19.
  2. Has been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine related to COVID-19.
  3. Is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and is seeking a medical diagnosis.
  4. Is caring for an individual subject to an order described in (1) or self-quarantine as described in (2).
  5. Is caring for his or her child whose school or place of care is closed — or child care provider is unavailable due to COVID-19 related reasons.
  6. Is experiencing any other substantially similar condition specified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The announcement of remote learning and hybrid learning models for K-12 education in the area has highlighted the need for the FFCRA leave for employees. It is important to note the FFCRA leave has two components, Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act, or EPSLA, and Emergency Family Medical Leave Expansion Act, or EFMLEA. Employees should refer to the FFCRA FAQ, the FFCRA Leave Request Form, and resources available on the HCS website and the FFCRA Leave Policy for more information.

Your departmental HCS liaison may assist if you have questions regarding the FFCRA leave. The leave entitlements vary based on the type of leave being requested and your HCS liaison is a resource to consult with you regarding your need for leave.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, provides varied resources for employees. Our program is well known for the free counseling sessions for employees who are dealing with stress, anxiety and other personal concerns. However, the EAP also provides resources related to caregiving, legal advice, personal financial assistance and information.

Contact the EAP through the ComPsych website or by calling 888-275-1205, option 1, TTD 800-697-0353. If a first-time user on the ComPsych website, use the company ID: SOKEAP. 

Caregiving/child care resources

A webinar, "Coping With Pandemic Anxiety As Kids Return to School," is available for K-State employees at 2 p.m. Sept. 10. Employees may register now.

The Employee Assistance Program also offers assistance to employees and their families to help with child care assistance. The assistance is individualized for each employee based on their specific needs. EAP may also assist with guidance and offer parents in navigating, planning and accessing resources around e-learning and tutoring programs as well as resources and equipment for virtual learning. Call 1-888-275-1205, Option 1, for more assistance.

To learn more about resources available or explore additional support, visit the HCS COVID-19 Resources for Employees and Supervisors link on the HCS website.