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K-State Today Student Edition

August 31, 2020

What is a close contact?

Submitted by Division of Communications and Marketing

A close contact is anyone who has been within 6 feet for at least 10 minutes of a person confirmed to have COVID-19, according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. This includes up to two days — or 48 hours — before that person began showing symptoms. 

You are a close contact if any of the following situations happened while you spent time with a person with COVID-19, even if they didn't have symptoms:

  • Hugging.
  • Kissing.
  • Shaking hands.
  • Being sneezed or coughed on. 
  • Sharing a drinking glass, food, towel or other personal item.
  • Staying overnight in a house with other people who have been around the person who has COVID-19.

Remember that someone who is sick with COVID-19 can spread it for two days, or 48 hours, before they show any symptoms. Also, not everyone with COVID-19 will have symptoms, but they may still spread it to others.

If you think you are a close contact or are told you are a close contact, you should call Lafene Health Center at 785-532-6544 or call your health care provider to tell them about your close contact and ask for guidance regarding quarantine, isolation or testing

Learn more about close contacts and your health and wellness around COVID-19.