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June 5, 2020

Highlights from the May 12 Faculty Senate meeting

Submitted by Faculty Senate

Recognition: President González recognized outgoing senators, leadership council, and support staff for Faculty Senate. She was also recognized for her outstanding work this year.

Guests: Provost Taber continues to provide senators updates regarding financial impacts to the university related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This included information regarding furloughs. A variety of questions and comments were addressed.

Standing committee and Student Senate reports:

  • Academic Affairs: Many course and curriculum proposals were reviewed and approved, including a new Bachelor of Science in public health degree from the College of Health and Human Sciences. The rehauled Approval, Routing, and Notification manual should be presented in June.
  • Faculty Affairs: The proposed University Excused Absence Policy was approved. Once processed, it will be found in Section F62 of the University Handbook. Also, input was provided to the provost from Faculty Affairs and the Executive Committee regarding use of TEVAL submissions. The statement sent out from Provost Taber was shared with senators.
  • Professional Staff Affairs: A resolution in support of professional staff and university support staff was approved.
  • Student Senate: Elections for their leadership positions have concluded. They will have a special meeting on May 28 related to privilege fee contracts.
  • Technology, FSCOT: Please update your Zoom features by May 30. Not all of the next updates take place automatically. Go to zoom.support.us to be aware of making that change. As a reminder, your eID password can be updated and if strong enough it doesn’t need updated again, unless your account is compromised. 
  • FSCOUP: Budget scenarios continue to be worked on, as the provost discussed earlier. FSCOUP has, over the past couple of years, been working to receive a copy of each college's election procedures on their CCOP. They also continue to encourage their committee members to reach out to their units about CCOP meetings and be sure the membership of the CCOP is up-to-date.


  • President González discussed information related to academic continuity and discussions about possible fall scenarios.
  • Senators were reminded to review the Innovation in Education white papers.
  • President González reported on the April KBOR meeting.

Open discussion period

  • A Land-Grant Statement on Climate Change was received.

The 2019-2020 Faculty Senate was adjourned and Mindy Markham, 2020-2021 Faculty Senate president, called the first meeting of the 2020-2021 Faculty Senate to order.

2020-2021 President Elect and Secretary Elections

  • Laurel Littrell was elected as president-elect of Faculty Senate; LaVerne Bitsie-Baldwin was elected as secretary of Faculty Senate.

Thank you for all you continue to do for K-State. Please send an email to either facsen@k-state.edu or tgonzale@k-state.edu with any questions or concerns.

With best wishes for health and safety,

Tanya González
Faculty Senate President, 2019-2020
Professor, Department of English
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506