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K-State Today

March 23, 2020

One-year extension on tenure clocks for probationary faculty

Submitted by Chuck Taber

Dear Colleagues, 

We are all aware of the disruptions that have been, and will continue to be generated, by the COVID-19 pandemic at K-State and across all of higher education. We recognize that such disruptions may affect faculty teaching as well as scholarly work, given the significant time and effort needed to shift classes to remote delivery. In addition, faculty will be faced with the societal challenges facing our country in this public health crisis: the need for social distancing, self-isolation if exposed to the virus, care for families and other people at home, and care for themselves. The crisis is also likely to disrupt or slow down scholarly publication cycles, grant applications and funding processes.

With these challenges in mind, after consultation with the academic deans and Faculty Senate President Tanya González, we will provide a one-year delay in the tenure clock for all probationary faculty in tenure-track positions who have been reappointed for fall 2020. For those who have not yet reached their mid-tenure review, the one-year extension should be added prior to that process. Faculty personnel records will be adjusted to reflect this extension. While the extension has been provided to all probationary faculty, those who feel that they are prepared to apply for promotion and tenure on their original clock, or earlier, are welcomed to do so. 

This decision will not affect any faculty member's ability to make up to two requests for a delay in their tenure clock in the future, as set in the University Handbook (Sections C83.1 - C83.6). Nor will this decision change any of those policies.  

This extension of the tenure clock does not affect or change departments' standards of promotion and tenure, or reappointment. Those decisions are guided by current department documents. We will develop guidance for the evaluation of files and for external letter writers to explain this delay. 

We believe that this decision is necessary. We want to ensure our faculty have the best opportunity to succeed at K-State.


Chuck Taber
Provost and Executive Vice President