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November 27, 2012

Students earn honor for academic success

Submitted by April Penick

Delta Alpha Pi is an academic honor society for students with disabilities and was chartered May 2009. K-State, the Alpha Kappa chapter, is the 34th school to have a chapter. The Alpha Kappa chapter at K-State was established to recognize and commend the accomplishments of students.

The society was founded in 2004 at East Stroudsberg University in Pennsylvania. Currently there are 69 active chapters representing colleges and universities around the country.

There are three main purposes for this honor society that represents students with disabilities.

1. To recognize students with disabilities for their academic accomplishments.

2. To change the negative perception that students with disabilities are unable to achieve academically.

3. To facilitate the development, of skills in leadership, advocacy, and education.

K-State’s students with disabilities are leaders on this campus. They have leadership positions in their academic colleges, fraternities, sororities, and campus organizations. They are involved in K-State’s Disability Awareness events, making presentations to relevant classes, and most importantly their presence on this campus creates a more welcoming and diverse environment. 

On Nov. 15, the following students were inducted into the Delta Alpha Pi honor society. We would like to recognize them for their academic accomplishments. New members include:

Jonathan Stepp, senior in mass communications, is serving as the 2012-2013 chapter president.

Abdulrahman Alkhiary, senior in political science and business administration.

Shelby Fajnor, sophomore in animal sciences and industry and pre-veterinary medicine with an equine certificate.

Shannon Gardner, senior in in life science.

Kirstin Hinkle, freshman in arts and sciences-open option.

David Bondy Kaye, senior in in psychology.

Kathryn Smiley, senior in psychology.

Some individuals who were inducted into Delta Alpha Pi this year wished to remain anonymous. We would also like to recognize their accomplishments and efforts in continuing to strive toward a campus culture that is welcoming and supportive of all K-Staters.