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December 5, 2019

Advisor Forum presents December Charlie Award

Submitted by Beth Stuewe

The K-State Advisor Forum announces Gabriel Bachura, academic advisor for sociology and anthropology, as the recipient of the December Charlie award.

Bachura was nominated by his colleague, David Ollington, for the compassion and care he shows to his students and the department of sociology, anthropology, and social work

As an advisor, Bachura goes above and beyond his duties to assist the department. As Ollington states in his nomination, "…I've learned that he (Gabe) has established himself as a dependable, integrated member of the department team. Professors consult him before decision-making; they value and rely on his knowledge."

Bachura also excels in his advising role. Ollington adds in his nomination, "He clearly cares deeply about each student, conducts advising in a comfortable, compassionate manner, and presents agreeable options based on his insight into each student's interests and record. He has successfully advised students for all three of the department’s programs, demonstrating a perspicacious understanding of the fields in both the academic and professional worlds." Other colleagues who nominated Bachura mention his positive attitude and ability to stay calm even during the hectic times.

A final comment from Ollington really exemplifies why Bachura is receiving this award.

"He is great at walking the line between advocating for students and looking out for faculty needs," Ollington said. "Faculty and students praise his knowledge, his compassion, and his organization. The years of integrity he has put into advising manifest in Gabe as mastery."

The Advisor Forum committee thanks Bachura for the work he has done for students and congratulate him on this award.

As a reminder, to nominate someone for the Charlie Award, fill out the short online form. Once your nomination is complete, it will remain an active nomination for one full academic year. Nominations can be completed at any time and can be submitted by anyone on campus. One award will be given out at the beginning of each month. The Advisor Forum Committee will make the decision and deliver awards.

Contact Beth Stuewe, Advisor Forum co-social chair, at bas9995@k-state.edu, with any questions about the award.