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November 11, 2019

Q&A with Fulbright Scholar Philip Dwyer

Submitted by Stephanie Jacques

Philip Dwyer

In conjunction with Fulbright Australia, K-State's Oz to Oz Fulbright Scholars Seminar brings senior research scholars to campus to build and develop international partnerships and friendships. Free and open to the public, Philip Dwyer will present "Violent Death: Homicide in Global Perspective" as part of the Oz to Oz Fulbright Scholars Seminar from 3:30-5 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12, in Room 207 of the K-State Student Union.

This Q&A with Dwyer gives the university community an opportunity to learn more about the scholar speaker and reinforces the importance of mutual understanding and education of diverse research topics.

What is your name, title and home institution?

Professor Philip Dwyer, director of the Centre for the Study of Violence at the University of Newcastle in Australia.

What is your field of study?

Modern history. It was an 18th-century French history but I have now moved into the field of the history of violence and world history.

How is the Fulbright scholarship helping you increase knowledge of this area?

The Fulbright allows me to meet specialists in other fields, as well as giving me valuable time away from the classroom to read and write.

What drives your interest in your research?

To understand how the world works.

Why did you accept the invitation to visit K-State?

It's a great opportunity to visit a part of America that I am not familiar with and to meet people from a range of backgrounds who can help inform my views on violence, and in particular, violence in America.

Dwyer will be on the Manhattan campus from Nov. 11-13. Mike Krysko, Department of History chair, is Dwyer's K-State host. During his visit, Dwyer will speak with Eric Atkinson, host of Agriculture Today. That interview, as well as all other Fulbright scholar interviews, are posted on the K-State Research and Extension News page.