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April 15, 2019

K-State Supervisory Foundations offered for all university supervisors

Submitted by Human Capital Services-Learning and Development

Human Capital Services is launching K-State Supervisory Foundations, a comprehensive supervisory program for all supervisors of university support staff and unclassified professionals.

Programming includes a partnership with Human Capital Services, a variety of academic units and key leaders at K-State. Through this strategic initiative, HCS achieves a key K-State 2025 outcome of providing supervisory training for all employees by 2020. HCS has identified key content areas for the supervisory program as a result of the 2014 K-State Climate Survey, the 2017 Professional Development Needs Assessment, research of peer and aspirational higher education institutions, and a focus group of K-State supervisory stakeholders. 

K-State Supervisory Foundations will offer a tiered training approach for supervisors within three pillars. 

Pillar I: Establishing Your Supervisory Foundation provides essential supervisor information and best practices to promote effective supervision in a higher education environment. Pillar I programming will be offered three times a year in March/April, June and October.

Pillar II: Enhancing Your Supervisory Foundation provides opportunities to elevate knowledge and leadership competencies focusing on the transformation of supervisors into successful leaders. Content for Pillar II will be developed over time.

Pillar III: Achieving Supervisory Mastery provides experienced managers and supervisors an opportunity to strengthen their influence and strategic outlook. Content for Pillar III will be developed over time.

Registration for June 2019 sessions will open up later in the month of April. Specific questions can be directed to Megan Hoelting in Human Capital Services at learning-develop-hr@k-state.edu.  

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